Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gardening plans - lots to do

We have a nice big yard with very little garden. I am excited to have a compost bin and a small raised patch perfect for some vegies.

I have done a little work out the front already - planted my standard Iceberg ( I can hear it thanking me for finally getting it in the ground) along with some pansies and daffodils.

My inlaws and my parents helped out with purchasing and planting 19 Iceberg roses along the front fence. I cannot wait for them to flourish!

Today I bought two lovely apple trees to put along the back fence which over time might screen out some of the big sheds down on the bottom road.

Whoops, think I caught Molly in a private moment there... :)

Inspiring work

This is the work of artist Carolyn Quartermaine. Images from her home and studio in France. I love the colours and prints.

I recently bought myself a French-style chair and have been searching for a lovely fabric to cover the seat with. I am starting to think I might print or paint something myself onto a nice piece of crunchy silk.

These pics from Vogue Living May/June08 are pretty inspiring...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Favourite things

I love the fabrics and patterns of Designers Guild. Love pure colour and lots of it. I doubt Lyndon would let me decorate quite like this but I reckon I can sneak in a few pinks and blues.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our furry helper

Molly likes to be in the thick of it. She discovered some ancient bones in the hole in the loungeroom floor. Of course she ate them and of course they made her sick. So, no more old bones for Molly!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First major project...

The loungeroom/dining was in a stinky, dirty, very dated state. We are talking torn carpet ( with the previously mentioned dog wee), ripped curtains, old wood heater, 80's downlights, sexy fan and diagonal wood panelling. Mmmmm...

First thing we did was rip up the carpet, hoping for some good timber floors but mostly to get that smell out of there!

We discovered why the room is so big, it was originally two rooms so the floorboards change direction half way through. We soon then discovered why the house had no fireplaces, they had been ripped out and what was left were two concrete hearths.

So, Lyndon jack-hammered out one and we will replace a fireplace over the other. We had to individually cut new floorboards as the old ones are all different widths.

The bare shell

Here are a few photos from when we just walked in after receiving the keys. The pics really don't show the grime, not to mention the disgusting smell of dog wee in the loungeroom! Eww..

The exterior front of the house was painted just prior to the sale so we get to do the rest of it over summer. Thankfully I really like the colour scheme they chose.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All about Molly

Molly is our almost 5 year old Labradoodle furry kid. She has a very strong personality, is too intelligent for her own good but is a truly amazing creature.
She loves her new home with plenty of room to run around, doggy neighbours and lots to investigate.


Hello, I plan on documenting the transformation of our new house as well as sharing some of my favourite things - art, design, food, fashion...