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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

still life

I recently decided to create a nice Victorian-era inspired still life for my glass dome.

I fiddle-faddled with ivy, fir branches, vintage flowers and leaves, butterflies, sticks and oasis.
Boy, was there some fiddle-faddling!

The results were a little squishy but quite pleasing, if I do say so myself :)


...a day or so later the whole thing turned into a terrarium. It became so moist it was impossible to see inside. Darn it! Even propping up the dome to ventilate the display didn't work, so I gave up.
Bit of a pity. Oh well, I took a few photos to share before I dismantled it. Next time I wont use living bits :)

Have any of the Aussie readers been watching the tv show, "who's been sleeping in my house"? What a fascinating show. I was really inspired by last Monday night's show (set in Hobart) to investigate our home a bit more. Maybe over my Christmas break I'll pop onto the Titles Office for a look.