Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas and everything else!

Oh my goodness! Where has the time (months) gone?
I never planned on taking so long off from blogging, in fact I never planned any break at all, but life just got in the way I suppose. But, here I am popping in to say hello and hopefully some of you might be still out there reading this little blog :)

Less than two weeks to Christmas and as usual I am completely disorganised. I have barely done any Christmas shopping, but have managed to get the tree and other decorations up. That always makes me feel a bit festive. This morning I dug out the Michael Buble Christmas dvd and I'm looking forward to playing that too.

I don't tend to choose a theme for my Christmas decorations as I just don't have the budget to change it very year. I normally add a few new deccies to my collection, which I have done this year. I'm still tossing up whether I might cook a gingerbread house or something similar. I think I might.

Well, what else have I been up to in the past few months? Apart from my regular job at the gallery, I have been working very hard designing and creating my scarf range. They've done really well and I feel very positive about the past year of selling them. I just took part in two recent design/craft markets and was overwhelmed by the response. I have already put in a new order with my printer and have a few plans to promote my label next year. It's exciting!

During the year I also created a mini collection of garments for the Art on Legs awards. They were also received very well and I have been invited to do the same this coming year. I've bought a bundle of new fabrics and have designs ready, so must get stuck into that asap.

We are all doing well. Molly's legs are still giving her trouble. The leg we had operated on and had stem cell therapy on has really done well, but unfortunately the other leg now needs treatment. That will have to happy as soon as we can afford it. She is doing ok though. We have been keeping her pretty quiet, so as to not damage it more. She is still as happy as usual.

Well, that's it for now. I will try to get back into this caper a bit. I hope you are all doing really well.
Take care xx Sar