Sunday, October 30, 2011

sad news + a funny memory

Artwork by Katie Daisy

My adored Great Auntie Ila passed away last night, just a week shy of 91 years.
We are all really sad but she wanted to go and so she did, peacefully in her sleep.
I wasn't sure what to post but I was just now browsing and found this gorgeous image, perfect for Ila with it's pretty flowers, lace and fresh colour.
She was such a generous, caring soul. So strong yet very humble.
She never had any children of her own, but had many many 'adopted' children and grandchildren. I considered her to be my extra grandmother. She had a massive, positive impact on so many people's lives.
I have so many great memories of her - I just have to share one funny one...
Mum, Rachael and I were visiting her, gosh, probably 15 or so years ago. She used to have a combustion stove in the kitchen (oh I loved it - we could put our socks in it to warm them up). She'd just received a load of wood and so Rachael and I thought we'd help out by splitting it for her. We worked for hours and both ended up with blistered hands. Ila had just the remedy. She painted Rachael's blisters with metholated spirits. Oh the screams! I declined from Ila's offer to fix my blisters.
Good memories xx

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday flower + birthday wishes

Hello friends, thank you so very much for your lovely comments over the past few days.
Auntie Ila is hanging on but for how much longer we just don't know.
Mum and Rachael have popped up there again tonight as Rachael had a work meeting down the coast.

A sad trip for Mum, especially seeing as today is her birthday.
So, these Friday flowers are for her.

Mum gave me these poppies from her garden last night and I thought we could all do with something cheery to look at today.

Happy Birthday Mum and I wish the rest of you a nice Friday and peaceful weekend :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

thank yous and sad bits

I really wanted to say a big thank you to my bloggy friends who left me lovely birthday messages over the weekend. It really brightened my day. You are such a lovely bunch of people  :)

The day after my birthday, Mum, my sister Rachael and I made a quick dash to Smithton (NW Tasmania) to visit with my favourite relative, Great Auntie Ila. You see, she's almost 91 and rather poorly. Last Thursday no-one thought she'd make it through the night.
It was so good to see her, but at the same time I was deeply shocked at seeing her fade away. We all had a good laugh or two, as well as a good cry. I'm good at that. I hated saying goodbye as I doubt I'll get to see her again.
Geez life is hard sometimes :)
ps the rose above is a bud I picked from my garden to take up for Ila. I've talked about this rose a few times on this blog. I first saw it in a bunch given to Ila a few years ago on her birthday. I discovered what it was and planted it in my garden. It is the most beautiful rose called Scentimental. It always reminds me of Ila.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

40 years ago today...

...I came into the world
(please note very impressive lamb chops sideburns on Dad).

Yes, it was the early seventies. Check out those groovy curtains. There's Puddles and Rebecca the poodles with me.
Sorry about the pic quality. Was in a rush this morning.

Wow, who'd have thought I'd ever be 40 years old?
Not me.
When you are a child, 40 seems so ancient. But now that I'm here, I don't feel very old. Strange how that works.
Here I am with one of my bestest buddies Zeta. We were born a day apart (me first), grew up a street apart and went to the same school. It's a long time between drinks for us as Zeta lives in London (currently) but when we do see each other, it's like a day hasn't passed. That's a good friendship if you ask me.
Well, Happy B'day to us!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I don't think I had heard the word 'tablescape' until I read it recently on Deb's blog.
But it seems tablescaping is something I like to do :)
I gather my bits together in different combos, currently a slightly French theme, though that's a bit of a stretch of the imagination.

My little grocery shopping treat. Beautiful pink buds for only $5. I just couldn't walk past.

Little white animals, geranium and my lovely big dome containing a red tin heart and some beautiful antique French tricoleur ribbon.

A closeup of the buds :)
Do you tablescape at your place?
It looks like being a beautiful day today. Have a lovely one :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mystery house

Is there a house in your street that intrigues you?
This house is it for me.

Down the street from us and on a large, flat corner block with a lawn that never seems to grow.

I've seen a man there once or twice and the only thing that stopped me from interrogating him was that he was on the phone.

It was built in 1920 and I bet it's all original inside. Of course terribly dated and everything would need sprucing up, but what a gem.
See how low that fence is? It even has a tiny, squat gate. I love it!

And just around the corner live these guys. They're great, but if you get stuck behind one on the road, you might as well forget getting to your destination on time. So slow! I could run quicker and that's saying something :)
While it's not the fanciest place to live, there are lots of interesting things to see, gardens to peek into. I say I have "community interest" but Lyn thinks I'm just a sticky beak.
Well, happy Monday to you all. I hope it's a good week. I have very cleverly managed to only have one working day this week :)
It's the last week of my 30's. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. We'll soon see :)
Take care

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Late for Friday Flowers - Lily of the Valley

Look what I discovered in the back yard the other day..

some pretty pink stems of Lily of the Valley.

I had forgotten I had it in the garden, so it was a lovely surprise.

So delicate.

Lyndon asked why I'd bother growing it as it is small and doesn't look like much. Men!
I feel these small, unassuming plants add a little mystery to the garden. I loved stumbling upon it.
Plus, that fragrance!
Have a sweet weekend my friends.
I do have to work, but have 5 or 6 days off coming up on Thursday so I can't wait!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


My little maple in the front yard is getting his new leaves.

The bright colour is incredible.

They will change to green, before they turn autumnal red next year.

Absolutely gorgeous, don't you agree?
Well, I'm a bit unimpressed as over the weekend I came down with a horrible head cold. Blocked ears, scratchy throat, claggy nose, headache, boy oh boy it's fun! Feeling a little brighter today. Thank goodness for aloe vera tissues is all I can say :)
Take care friends

Friday, October 7, 2011

Looking Up at Friday Flowers

All the pretty ranunculus are starting to bloom out in the garden.

They're one of my absolute favourite flowers.

The apple blossom is looking so pretty too.
I'm impressed by the quantity of it as well :)

Two varieties of apple here, one is Cox's Orange and the other is Lady in the Snow.

I like to take photographs from different angles, whether it be looking up, looking down on a subject, crouching or climbing to take a shot. It's nice to get a different perspective. Of course it would be nicer if one had a DSLR, but I won't whinge again :)
Must be time to borrow the camera from work again though.
Did you notice the nice blue sky? That's what inspired these pics as I was laying on my back staring up and just thought how pretty it was .Any excuse to take a photo! Of course that was the other day, today is all gloomy and grey!
Happy Friday - have a good one friends :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Bits and pieces from my studio room.

Some pretty dried rose buds in an equally pretty Limoges teacup.

Yet another Mozi tea towel that is too pretty to use.

My market goodies waiting underneath yet another painted stick.

Yes, rather bright :)

And washi tape offcuts from the making of garlands. Do any of you find it difficult throwing pretty scraps like this in the bin? I do.
On a different note, are any of you watching Junior Masterchef, or Mini Masterchef as I like to call it? Those children are all so talented. So many of their dishes I'd love to try.
Well, cheerio for now :)