Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday flowers - Cornflowers

Whoops, some very neglected pink cornflowers well past their prime. But, being the quirky person that I am, I look closely at them and think they're still beautiful.
They're in a cute Cath Kidston jug in my daggy old bathroom.
This is about all I am brave enough to show you of the bathroom.
One day, one day it might get renovated :)
I hope you all have a super nice Friday.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lots of cake + MONA = a good day

Today has been a good day. Yes, it's Australia Day and yes, it's a day off work for me, but it has also been a generally rather good one.
First thing we sat around with a cuppa and watched some episodes of True Blood.
I then baked my very first Sponge Cake. I ended up with two different textured halves as I forgot to add water to the mixture and so added it to the second half. Not bad, not perfect, but the jam and creamy middle is good.
Lunch was a bbq over at Mum and Dad's. Yum.
Then, Lyn and I went out to the newly opened MONA (museum of old and new art).
One word.....WOWZA!!!
Absolutely world class. A lot of great art, a lot of ugly art, amazing antiquities but well worth a visit for the architecture alone. It has to be one of the most incredible spaces I have been in.  The massive sandstone walls were stunning! All in little old Hobart.
So, now it's wine-o'clock. I hope you have all had a nice day too!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday flowers

It seems like an age since I posted Friday flowers.
Here are some beautiful hollyhocks that are currently blooming in the backyard.

This one is now well over 2 metres tall and reminds me of a ballerina's tutu.

I hope you all have a lovely Friday.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On my desk

My workspace the other day.
I have been beavering away on a batch of necklaces.
Isn't it always the way, I set out to make a bunch of them to discover I have run out of wire. I'm now waiting for it to come from USA.
 At least I had enough to make a few.
Look at that lovely table cover - it's oilcloth from Beach Vintage.

Above are the almost finished pendants, not yet attached to the chain which is in a knotty mess from being hand-polished.

This is a one-off piece made from smaller optical lenses. I actually wasn't happy with the finish of this so I'm red-doing part of it. I'm a bit of a perfectionist at times and hate the thought that someone might purchase an item that is not perfect. I make more work for myself!

Thank you to those of you who have spread the word about the flood relief needed for the RSPCA Qld and the quilt making project Oz Comfort Quilts that I have posted about recently. There are so many other amazing projects out there raising money and goods for those affected by the floods. It's great!

Here's to a lovely Tuesday!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A message from Molly

Hello friends of Molly's Maison, it's Molly here!
 Mumma was telling me yesterday about the terrible floods and how she saw on the internet that the RSPCA in Fairfield, Queensland was devastated.
Luckily they managed to get all the animals to safety (even those pesky cats) but they will need a lot of help to get back to normal.
Mumma told me the RSPCA is exempt from disaster relief funds offered to other charities that assist human needs and so they need all the help they can get, so they can start taking care of all those animals again.

Mumma told me she sent off a donation to them and that might mean me going without my favourite bones for a few weeks. Ha! I don't think so!
I think Mumma should go without her glasses of wine for a while instead. I need my bones Mumma!

Here is the link where you can help if you are able.

Woof woof!!
ps didn't Mumma take a cute pic of me?

pics: the first one taken by sarah, the rest from the RSPCA Qld. website

Friday, January 14, 2011

Random pics

Just a couple of random pics I took a few minutes ago in my studio.

At the end of a very challenging and sad week for so many people, hopefully it wont be too long before things look up a little. A long road ahead for so many.
Take care xx
ps. for anyone with fabric scraps and some time on their hands, here is a lovely flood relief quilt project highlighted by my blogging friend Kaite.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fluffy scones and some carroty info

I made some super fluffy scones yesterday. It was the stickiest, messiest mix that required an egg and extended resting time before cooking. Sound odd? They are, but I have to say, they are the fluffiest, lightest scones I have ever made, or maybe ever tasted.

I was just about to take a pic of the scone (above) when someone couldn't resist and dived in!
Lyn and I also had them today, heated up in the microwave and they still tasted great!
Here's the link to the recipe, just in case you are interested...

For those of you who were intrigued by my carrots, here is the packet. I bought them at K&D Warehouse (only in Tassie) but the Johnsons seed company itself has a website where you can contact them for stockists. I have also seen other purple varieties sold by heirloom seed companies. I was going to sow more seeds today but it's rainy and miserable outside.
Speaking of, I have been stunned by footage of the floods in Queensland. I can't imagine the horror of it and it really does put things into perspective, doesn't it?
Keep safe xx

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A corny house and my purple haze

Some of you may have read last year about the Corn House - a house around the corner from us who have planted out their entire front yard in corn.
They have done it again this year and have also lined the front path with sunflowers. I think it looks lovely.

I'd love to know what they do with all the corn, though I have a few ideas. :)
My corn is only about a quarter of the height of theirs. Theirs also has a heap of cobs already.

Just when I though there wasn't much in the fridge for dinner last night I went out to my fairly neglected vegie patch. I dug a saucepan of pinkeyes (which were self-seeded from last year and the waxiest potatoes I think I have eaten - YUM!!) along with butter beans and a handful of quirky purple carrots, called Purple Haze. Aren't they unusual?

You can see by the broken one, they're traditional orange on the inside and even keep their purple colour when they're cooked. Plus, they're yummy. What's not to like?
Here's to a relaxing Sunday

Friday, January 7, 2011

Fun at the beach

Molly and I went down to Kingston dog beach the other day.

Needless to say, she had a lot of fun.

I'm not sure if you can see, but my jeans are soaking from the knees down.
Molly's stick kept sinking in the sea and at one point I turned around to see just her tail sticking out of the water - she was snorkeling with her head completely under the water, looking for her submerged stick. Being a good MOD (mother of dog - thanks to Kaite for that one) I rescued the stick for her, but got very wet.

I now have a new job on my to-do list this week, cleaning half of the beach out of my car.
Do you guys have a dog beach where you live?
Have a lovely Friday peeps.
Is supposed to be a hot one for us today. Does that mean summer is finally here?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lucky me

I have been quite lucky lately and won a few blogging giveaways. I wanted to show you my lovely things and thank those bloggers who I won them from.
These lovely pillowcases came from a giveaway over at Ada and Darcy. Kellie has wonderful taste and most of you will know about her fantastic online store. Very tempting.

I can't help it, can I? Just have to have Molly in the picture :)

I was also lucky to win this Gratitude Journal from Simone's lovely blog Honey and Fizz.
It's a great journal with some great quotes doted throughout it, like the one below.

And lucky last I was happy winner of Lou's giveaway at Vintage by LouLou.
Lou was moving at the time and misplaced the bunting I won, so very generously posted me this gorgeous candle instead. It smells wonderful!

I also wanted to say thank you to Anita over at Fun and VJ's who blogged recently about my art. I was so chuffed to be mentioned.
And while I'm on a roll, I also want to thank Janette at My Sweet Prints who tagged me in this post for being a good mother to my furry kid (amongst other, more creative things!). I know I can be a bit obsessed when it comes to Molly, but if you guys met her you'd understand.
Thanks, thanks, thanks to you all.
Ahhh, the friendliness of blogland, what can I say?
Most of you will be aware of these lovely bloggers, but if not, pop over to their blogs to say hello - they're super lovely.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A few little jobs

After fiddle faddling for a long time over a colour for my tip-shop ladder, I grabbed a colour chip and went to the hardware store the other day.
I decided to try a water-based enamel and ended up with a British Paints brand. I have to say I wasn't very impressed. The paint seemed really rubbery, but maybe it's just because I am used to oil-based enamels.
Anyway, since I had soooo much paint, I grabbed some more of my storage baskets and painted them too. Boy, it's so much more tedious than spray painting.

Here they are. I quite like the colour :)

While on a blue theme I decided to get crafty and make some pillowcases from bits of fabric and ribbon I had stashed away.

It's nice to tick a few things off my holiday "to do" list.
Hope you are having a nice day xx