Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday flowers - pretty gerberas

Stunning gerberas of the palest pink on cream. Just gorgeous!
Happy Friday :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lovely mail

I received a beautiful parcel in the mail the other day - my lucky giveaway win from Mon Alisa Designs...

A gorgeous little collaged and painted image that will fit perfectly in my yet to be finished studio room. How beautifully wrapped it was too. Thanks so much Alisa!

Sweet, huh? Pop over to her blog for a visit!

ps look at my scrunched up face in the reflection in the second pic. I'm one of those old-school photographers who like to use a viewfinder. What a dag!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pretty morning view

This is the view of Mt Wellington from my backyard. I took this photo one cold winter morning recently when the early pink light was hitting the mountain. We haven't had much snow on the mountain this year so I'm hoping for some soon. It's not winter without a drop of snow up there.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday flowers

Back to Friday Flowers with a beautiful green orchid I just brought in from outside. It's a lovely fresh colour, very pretty if you ask me!
The photos above are through my old camera and the ones below are straight old digital shots.

It's been a very long week so YAY for the weekend!!! I hope to spend some time attacking the weeds. How about you? Whatever you do, I hope it's a great weekend :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Around the house 2

Lyn's grandfather's clock

my old optometrist kits

my Ikea couch cover!

a corner of the lounge room

A few shots around the house using the ttv photography technique.
Below is the little camera that I take the photos through to get the vintage effect.

I use a very high tech masking contraption (biscuit box!!) to mask out the light. No expense spared here!!

Hip Hip Hooray, I'm one hundred today!
Well, not me but I am very excited to have 100 followers. Hi to no.100 Leonie! Thank you everyone, I really appreciate your comments - this blogging caper is so much fun!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The monster in the pantry

See that dark shape lurking in my pantry? Look a little closer and you'll see it's "house hound" Molly. She can be quite demanding when she thinks she needs a doggie snack.

Often I wonder where she is and find her lying down in the pantry, waiting for the next person to come along and serve her a snack.
And yes, after I took the photos I gave her a schmacko. I'm a sucker for a cute pooch!

ps see those lovely architraves painted that stunning metallic gold colour? Sometimes I think people should need a licence to be able to choose paint colours. I can't wait to paint it white. In fact, someone did decide to paint it white - the other side has been started but was never finished. Another job to add to the never ending list!
I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A pink and blue mantel

My latest colour addiction is a mixture of blue and white with a splash of pale and hot pink. So in the middle of winter which I must say has been very sunny and nice really, I thought I'd freshen up the mantelpiece.

A couple of pretty paperweights with a super sweet Voluspa candle.

I enjoy mixing up new with old, contemporary with decorative, unique with mainstream....hence a mixture of Spode china, Freedom vase, Target dish and market finds.
I still need a nice piece of art for over the mantel. Hopefully that might happen soonish but I am learning not to hold my breath!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The last of the roses

I pruned all the iceberg roses along the front fence on the weekend. The last of the winter blooms came inside for me to enjoy -they're so pretty but the heat of the wood fire doesn't allow them to last very long.

I actually find pruning a pleasant job - just as well as all I do is plant more and more roses!

The spring bulbs are starting to emerge and soon enough all my roses will send out their new growth too. Exciting times out in the garden!

Friday, July 9, 2010

More roses for the garden

I have finally decided on a few more roses for the backyard. They are all David Austins and they'll look pretty picked in posies with Icebergs from the hedge out the front. Above is the lovely Heritage which I know is a favourite of many people.

Above is Jubilee Celebration and below is Lady of Megginch. I ordered them online from Treloar Roses and just hope that they don't sell out and I have to revise my choices!

all images from the Treloar website

I also purchased a lovely camellia for the backyard. It's called Volunteer which I think has got to be one of the most unimaginative names possible for such an over-the-top frilly, decorative bloom!

I'm looking forward to this bud coming out...

camellia pics by moi

Anyway, Happy Friday! I've got the weekend off so big YAY!!
Have a good one :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Horsing around

A few vintagey pics of Harry Horse. I can't believe I was undecided whether to adopt Harry or not when I first discovered him. I love this little old horse. He has such character!
I know a few of you out there also like Harry so here's a few mid-week pics. Bring on the weekend!

ps after getting my hopes up that Wayne the plasterer would come through with the goods it looks like he's gone AWOL. He actually rang us and came around to do measurements and said he'd call during the week with a quote. I was excited, my room was actually going to have some work done on it! But no, that was last week and no calls from Wayne :(
pps. thanks for the lovely comments about Lyn's boat and the 'master of the tools' mega-creation (the new trailer).

Monday, July 5, 2010


I recently posted a pic of Lyndon's 1960's Australian Seacraft timber power boat, Touchwood. One of the necessities of boat ownership (however small) is maintenance. Over the past few months Lyn has been busily taking the engine apart for a makeover and has been building her a new trailer. The last one had become very rusty and therefore rather dangerous.

Molly relaxing in the middle of the construction

part way though and missing lots of bits - a long way to go yet!

The very industrious 'master of the tools' Lyn decided to build a trailer from scratch which included learning how to weld. It's not quite finished but I thought I post some shots anyway.

testing out to see how the boat fits

the bare bones being smoothed out

Part of the process involved lifting the boat off the trailer (welding close to a timber boat - a big no-no!). This was a rather scary task but thankfully was successful. I was scared that the carport was going to give way!

hanging in mid air!

I'm looking forward to getting Touchwood in the water. Lyn's not sure it will happen this coming summer but I hope so. We have had such adventures out on the Derwent River. Lots of fun times cruising around and some scary times too eg breaking down out in the middle of the very wide river!! We've been towed by another boat, caught in super rough water (the sea breeze comes up so quickly!) and had friends scream along behind us on the ski-biscuit. SO much fun.

at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Fruity Friday.....Pomegranates

Dad gave me some pomegranates and instead of looking up recipes, I took photos of them. The colours and textures are amazing! I ttv photographed them on my lovely Spode Blue Italian plate. I liked the contrast of textures and colour.
Have a great Friday bloggies - looks like being cold here in Tassie but clear and sunny. I like winter days like these.
Here's to a lovely weekend to you all!