Monday, May 30, 2011

The Snow Queen's Garden

I had to share with you a beautiful hand crafted Russian inspired felt Matryoshka doll I acquired from a recent craft and design market in Hobart.

Look at the incredible detail! It was all done by hand. The artist, a lovely lady by the name Natasha told me she had a customer argue with her that there was no way they were done by hand as they're too perfect!

Absolutely adorable. She is about 9cm tall.

I'm hoping to acquire another in Christmassy colours. Natasha is happy to create personalised dolls too. Her business is called The Snow Queen's Garden. What a talent!
Wishing you all a lovely week. I'm feeling like doing something crafty. Maybe a bit of sewing? I have so many projects on the go and in my head, but none looking like being finished. Do you do that?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday flowers - in the garden

Look what I discovered blooming in the garden - a beautiful blue anemone.
It's a bit early for Spring though. I always feel sorry for plants that grow or bloom outside of their season. Yes, I know, I'm a bit silly.

I haven't really posted much about the garden, in fact I haven't mention the vegie patches in a while either.
There's not a huge amount to report with the vegie patches, mostly getting ready for sowing in July and trying to get the compost to do its thing. But I do have broccoli, beetroot and brussel sprouts on the go.

The daisies always seem to be flowering and certainly liven up the garden beds a bit.

My row of twenty-something Iceberg roses out by the front fence are still going strong, though have lost a few leaves thanks to blackspot. I'm not a big fan of spraying for anything so I put up with the dropped leaves.

It's such a classic rose. They've been growing through the pickets in an attempt to get closer to the sun. I don't mind too much and like to think the passers by enjoy them too.

Almost getting to pruning time and multiple trips with all the greenwaste to the tip. But that's ok if it means a trip to the tip-shop :)

The foxgloves did so well last year, in fact there are still a few lonely blooms.

Anyone fancy a few foxglove seedlings? All that groundcover you see here - well they're foxglove seedlings, self seeded. I've been pulling them out and giving them away but I still have WAAAAYYYY to many.

This is the lawn near the flower beds and you guessed it, all those plants growing there where there should be grass are foxgloves!!!! Whoopsie, I have to try to get rid of them before Lyndon realises what my garden is doing to his lawn. Ahem, nothing to see here Lyndon, nothing to see here...
ps seriously, if anyone in Hobart wants some seedlings, please let me know!
pps what's with blogger comments? I have been trying to comment on your blogs but it just wont work!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sweet Envy + catchups + my blogiversary

On Monday I met the lovely fellow blogger Jane from Life at Planet Baby for a catch-up at Sweet Envy in North Hobart. What a beautiful little shop with cupcakes, macaron and sweet treats galore!

I had a nice lemon meringue cupcake and chai latte and an even nicer chat with Jane. We chatted non stop.
I was one of the lucky winners of her recent giveaway and my pressie was a really sweet notebook, personalised inside by Jane with her lovely paper butterflies. Thanks so much Jane. Please check out her great blog :)

Tomorrow is my 2nd blogiversary.
I began this blog to document the renovation of Molly's Maison, not knowing what great friends I would make from all over the globe. What a wonderful community!
Thank you all so so much for visiting me in this little blog - it means the world to me. I hope you all stick around for more adventures (hopefully even involving some actual renovation!!!).

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lyndon's masterpiece

Look how clever my Lyndon is. Over the past while he has built, completely from scratch, a new trailer for the boat.

He has designed, cut steel, welded, spray-painted, riveted and wired this beautiful new trailer for our Touchwood.

Lots of piccys so you can admire the skill!

What a talented man.

What a cute dog!
There's mumma's bubby looking very much like a made her sit there for the pic (which I did).
Below are some progress shots and no, I didn't pose Molly in this one. She was just relaxing with her ball.

Are you all suitably impressed?
Now all we need is the engine back in the boat so we can get out on the river for some fun!

Thanks for looking and have a lovely week :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I discovered this dried, partially skeletonised hydrangea bloom in the garden recently.

Isn't it interesting?

The lacey shadow reminds me of butterfly wings.

I'm always intrigued by plants and flowers at all stages of their lives. I love buds for their potential to become something stunning. Of course then I adore the blooms for their perfection in design and colour and then there's also something about spent blooms that intrigues me. Hard to explain. Do you know what I mean? Or is it just me?
ps don't you love the clear shots? I used an actual camera! A nice (borrowed) Nikon DSLR instead of my dinky iTouch camera. One day I'll get one of my own :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday flower

A beautiful rose from my backyard.

It's a David Austin called Lady of Megginch. Absolutely stunning!
I hope you all have had a nice week and wishing you a lovely weekend ahead.
Hopefully you are doing something fun. Me, well, I have to work part of it but thems the breaks.
I really need to get a few blog posts happening as I've been a little slack lately.
In fact it must almost be 2 years of blogging for me - I must check that out.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tip Shop treasure!

Look what Lyndon scored for me at the Tip Shop yesterday!
It's a 1950's Singer sewing machine!

It's the electric version and apparently doesn't work. That's ok, it's great to look at.

My tiny collection of vintage thread spools - I love these.

No base either. I did see one on the internet yesterday that had a green bakelite base, that would have been cool, but oh well.

Vintage pantyhose thread and needles that I adopted from my great Auntie Ila.

Can you guess what we paid for this beauty??
I bet you won't guess correctly - it was too much of a bargain!

Would you believe $5????!!! What a bargain!
Now where to display it?
Have a great week.
ps feeling a lot better now thanks. Just snuffly and coughs now :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

No Friday Flowers! how about some giant fruit?

Frightfully Big Friday Fruit on a Saturday.
Yes, I know, it makes no sense.
I'd like to blame Mr Blogger for not posting my regular Friday Flowers yesterday, but due to being ill all week, I didn't get into the garden for any pics.

SO, how big is this raspberry?? It's a double banger, wide as two of my fingers.

I seem to be having some erratic raspberry behaviour in my backyard, my canes are up to all sorts of things...growing, fruiting, dying off.
Yes, I did eat it and yes it was yummy :)
Anyway, have a lovely Saturday, keep warm and toasty. I seem to have lost my voice today which Molly dog seems to think is rather funny (so does Lyndon). A good day to stay inside.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lovely Mrs Tiff goodies

I was lucky to win a pretty giveaway from Mrs Tiff recently.

It was wrapped beautifully but I ripped it open before I took any piccys. Inside was a sweet little box containing a pretty pink rose ring along with some beautiful gift tags as an extra bonus.

Look at the beautiful gift tags decorated with roses, Eiffel Towers and sparkles.

How lovely!
Thank you very much Mrs Tiff!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday flowers - pretty in pink

A bunch of lovely pink nerines from the Hobart Farmer's Market last weekend. These little guys last well.

I loved the shadows they cast in the bright light.

I hope you have a nice Friday and a lovely weekend  :)