Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday Flowers on a Saturday

I'm a bit late this week with my Friday Flowers but after the super busy day at work with not a moment to spare and then topping it off with tripping over at a work function last night and ending up laying amongst a pile of expensive salmon canapes that I was carrying (whoops - thankfully no-one saw me) and then jamming my finger in the gate (hoping finger decides not to drop off), I was a bit too pooped by the time I got home to think about fighting with my computer.

So, today here are my Friday Flowers :)

At the start of this week I pruned my 20 or so Iceberg roses so currently have bunches of blooms around the house. These ones are in our dodgy old bathroom.

They're so pretty and I love the shades of white, cream, blush and green.
Have a great weekend lovely people.
Do yourselves a favour and avoid large platters of salmon canapes at all costs. They're dangerous things!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vintage bits

Warning: image overload.
I acquired a few new old vintage pieces lately.

I bought this old chemical bottle from a little store called Rust and Co.
I printed out and attached a vintage label to make it look a little more interesting.

This cute Australian silver plated milk jug was too cute to leave at the tip shop at a mere $3.50.
I know, how could I not bring it home? I like its simplicity and it makes a nice vessel for some pretty iceberg roses.

I think my birdies approve.

My last acquisition was given to me by Mum and Dad. It's a great little old camera, owned and presumably used by one of my relatives many years ago.

I love the detailing.

So, some nice bits to add to the collection.
By the way, thank you for your comments about the market. I will be giving more details soon. I have so much to do!
Keep warm xx

Monday, July 25, 2011

And the winners are...

Morning friends,
I have to apologise for the seriously dodgy and highly blurry shots but our little furry barrel girl was so excited and enthusiastic I could barely get a shot of her.

Here she is with her head in the bag picking two lucky winners.

Thank you to those of you who entered.
I'm always blown away by your lovely comments!

And the winners are...

Kym from Kyandra
Ladies, please send me an email to sarah_b100(at) with you addresses and I'll get your gift in the mail to you. Let me know if you prefer blue or pink - if you both prefer the same I'll pick it randomly :)

A little bit of news... I have had my application to a local designer's market approved so I have to get busy and make lots of things. It's not until November but I'm quite excited. Woohoo!

Have a lovely week peeps. Such a frost here this morning but looks like a nice day ahead. I finally have two days off work!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday flowers - winter or spring?

It appears I need to have a word with my garden regarding the amount of spring bulbs that are popping up whilst it's still winter.

These eggs and bacon smell so beautiful.
I know I've said it before, but I feel a bit sorry for plants that flower out of season. Maybe it's a good sign that spring is not too far away?

I had to post another image of my blue polyanthus as that white edge is so pretty.

It's terrible but I'm really looking forward for this weekend being done and dusted. That will finally end my mammoth 12 day stint at work and I'll have two days off to catch up on everything.
I hope you are all well.
ps. don't forget my little giveaway. You have until Sunday evening to enter! I'm on my iPod thingy so can't post the link but it's easy to find!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Giveaway time!

Yes, it's time for a little giveaway!
In fact two little giveaways.
I have two packs of my recent stationary creations for my lovely readers.

There's a blue pack and a pink pack. Each consists of a couple of cards (maybe slightly different to the ones in these pics), a notebook and a set of 6 cute gift tags.

All you have to do is be a follower please and just leave a comment below!

I'll draw the two winners this coming Sunday night 24th July and post on Monday morning.
I hope you like them!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pesky and predictive (not to mention embarassing!)

Another scene taken whilst sitting in traffic on the way home the other day

As many of you will be aware, I take most of my blogging photos on an iTouch. It's basically like an iPhone but without the phone. I also use this little device for internet things like email, a touch of shopping, browsing and of course commenting on your blogs.
Why am I telling you this?
Well, it's a very small keypad that I type on and that in conjunction with out of control predictive text I sometimes accidentally post some quirky things.
Case in point: The other night I posted on the very witty and highly entertaining Make Mine Mid Century blog.
Here is my comment...

What a lovely giveaway! I adore the pillowcase and gave been wondering what Pam's soap is like. The moomin doesn't look very impressed that she's portrayed as a purse.
I'm with you on that house - utter gorgeousness!
Stick to your guns re the bad customer service. That's such a gripe of mind too. I thought of you recently when I bought some buts from an online shop calked Larry Post as they had moomin computing in books that looked nice. Their service was good too :)

Whhhaaaattttt?????? How to make me look either insane or like an idiot, or maybe both.
Yes, okay, I should have checked it before I pressed GO but the screen is tiny and it was getting on bedtime. I did laugh when I read it, so did MMMC.
(For the record, I did not go "butt shopping" like I said I did)
On another blog I just caught myself from posting that she had some "lively thongs" rather than "lovely things" and I have also been lucky to catch myself a number of times when the word "what" came up as "shat". Simply charming, don't you think?
Soooo, in addition to a nice new DSLR, can I also put in a request to the universe for an iPad or a laptop that works properly, pretty please?
Do you guys find technology frustrating? Is it getting away from you? I started getting lost when bluetooth started popping up. And no, I am not THAT OLD!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday flowers + Molly update

My first camellia bloom for the season.

Look at those pretty white frilled edges.

Lots of buds coming too!

It's called Volunteer - such a boring name for a beautiful bloom.

Such a nice spot of colour in the winter garden.

The mountain is just covered in snow this morning. It makes winter seem worthwhile when the mountain looks so pretty. I'm sure I'd get grumpier in winter if it wasn't for this sight.
It's so nice and clear today. The sun is shining.
Unfortunately no weekend for me this week, or next for that matter. I'm on day 3 of 12 straight days of work. Hmmpphh...
Molly update: I'm pleased to report the return of decent poops! Not sure I thought I'd ever be reporting on Molly's poops but there you go. I think it's great news. Only one more dose of tablets to go. Phew.
Have a good one bloggies.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Making, making

It's always good to feel like you are achieving things creatively - or at least I feel that way. 

Here is my mannequin Pricilla modelling my latest batch of necklaces for the gallery. She's quite the hussy, isn't she, with all that bling.

Whoopsie, a very blurry shot :)

There's five single lens pendants and one that has two smaller lenses. This particular piece was very pesky, in fact I started it last year and it was just giving me a headache and so sat waiting to be finished for a long while.

It's always good to have them finished and delivered to the gallery so I can get on with something else.
What's that something else? I'd love to make another dress - I have a few ideas forming in my head but need a bit more working out before I'll start on that.
I'm so enjoying making my little line of stationary bits and promise once it's properly (ie clearly) photographed that I'll get my little giveaway happening :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In my studio + thank you

Firstly, I wanted to say thank you for your kind words at the passing of little Charlie dog. Charlie lived with Mum and Dad and was an important family member. Your lovely comments were so thoughtful and caring. What a great bunch of people you all are. xx

I wanted to share some images of the work in my studio.
A necessary thing in my workspace is a good cup of tea. I just love this cup and saucer. 
 I am so enjoying making my stationary but have had an order from Handmark Gallery for jewellery so have had to pull out my thumb.

Vintage optometrist lenses that I've been making into pendants.

Bits of chain that I've made, my thumb vice (for holding wire) and my jeweller's saw.

There's that washi tape again.

My vintage printing letters.

Some mini garland made from washi tape.

Strips of colour for my cards and tags.

Finished gift tags. I rather like these little guys.

A nice little spot in my studio with my lovely new Rob Ryan tile, a special gift from a wonderful friend recently.
I am building myself up to a market stall later in the year (hopefully) but before that I'll be having a mini giveaway of some of my stationary. I'd love some feedback from you guys. More about that soon!
ps. a little update on Molly... I'm not sure if the antibiotics are making her feel a bit off colour, but she had me up to go outside or just for a pat 6 times last night. She's feeling very needy. It would be a lot easier if she could tell me how she feels. Her poops have improved so I'm hoping she's on the mend. Let's hope we get a good night's sleep tonight :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Goodbye little Charlie - our faithful friend

Bit of a sad day for our family last Friday when little Charlie went to the big happy doggy play park in the sky.
Charlie had been with us for 17 and a half years. Gosh I love that photo above.

Such a beautiful, smart little guy.

This photo of him was taken up Mt Wellington. A group of Japanese tourists all wanted their photo taken with him as he looked so cute. Gosh it was a funny scene.

Here he is with me on my birthday almost 2 years ago.
There is no beating the companionship and friendship that a dog gives you.
I'll miss him a lot.
ps on the subject of furry kids, I took Molly to the vet yesterday as there was no improvement in her tummy upset. She was not happy with me AT ALL. She now has antibiotics and I'm hoping she improves soon. The irony is not lost on me that a change in menu to see if she likes a slightly more economical food has ended up costing me $100 so far. But, what can you do?