Friday, July 26, 2013

New chair + market news

Where does the time go? It must be time to catch up on a bit of news. As you all know, I love my art studio room, but there has never been anywhere nice to sit in there. The space is pretty slim and I big armchair was never going to fit. So when I spotted this lovely retro-styled chair in Freedom recently I couldn't get it out of my head. The majority of furniture in this house is either very old, second hand or has been bought from the tip shop, SO, I talked myself into it (the sale did help convince me) and bought it! It is comfy but compact and fits the space perfectly. I'm really happy with it. Look at that pretty colour :)

I used it in the photo above to style some of my new release scarf designs. These are a black and white image of the old Trocadero building in Paris, with either a pale blue or pink border, printed in silk chiffon. I'm really pleased with them and have kept one for myself.

Speaking of scarves, I will be at The Market at the Masonic Temple on Sandy Bay Road this coming Sunday from 10 - 3. It would be lovely if you wanted to drop by to say hello. My fabric arrived last week and I have spent quite a bit of time cutting, sewing and fringing and have 3 new designs ready to sell. This is my last market for a while as I have the Art on Legs event to participate in next. I am supposed to have all of my work ready by next weekend. Ahem, well, that's not going to happen. I have taken this whole week off work, but have not achieved very much at all. Not enough hours in the day!

Well, speaking of which, I had better hit publish and get back in the studio. Thanks for sopping by!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


...are busy, busy, busy. But I still always find the time for a nice cuppa. I do like this Kikki.K mug :)

Why so busy? Well, it's all go with my designing and market preparations. The market is on Sunday 28th July at the Masonic Temple, in Sandy Bay Road from 10-3 I think. I had better check those hours!
After weeks of tooing and froing with my printer via email I finally have a shipment to collect tomorrow. I am always nervous to see my new designs as you never know what they will look like. I am blowing up a postcard size image (literally) into something that's around 1x2 metres in size. Anyway, cross fingers they look good!
I have all of next week off work (yippee) to sew as I still have a heap to do for the wearable art event. Model fittings are in 2 weeks' time and I have very little ready. Very little. Gulp. I will just have to try my best and see what I can get done.
I think that's it. I'm so tired and scatterbrained at the moment!
Hmm, must be time for a cuppa! Sounds good to me.
Thanks so much for dropping by and thank you ever so muchly for your lovely comments.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday flowers

It's Friday! I'm wondering how the last 2.5 weeks have rushed past without a blog post? 
I just feel very very busy and I suppose some things just have to wait. Busy at work, busy at home. I am sewing like mad, trying to get some garments for the wearable art event ready to try on models at the start of August. Not sure there'll be much for them to try on!
I have taken the week after next off work to work on my designs. I've just heard from my printer that my latest fabric order is ready so hopefully that will arrive in time for me to get it cut and sewn, ready for the market on Sunday 28th July. I hate cutting it this close.

So, I have managed a Friday Flowers post. I've had these buds in a vase for weeks and just haven't got around to throwing them out. I like the opposing colours of the red and peach with the green of the vase. The simple composition appeals to me too.

Have a lovely weekend and I will attempt to get back here soon to tell you about my market.
Take care xx