Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday flower

I wasn't going to post a Friday Flower today as I wasn't feeling super-inspired but then it just didn't seem right not to.
There's not a lot happening in my garden at the moment, but I thought these mottled hydrangeas were interesting.
Well, it's almost the weekend, so here's to a nice one.
Take care xx

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cooking cuteness

I had to treat myself the other day to this super cute apron by Austalian company Mozi.
This one is called "Mon Coeur" and has a pretty folk-inspired print. I had been avoiding purchasing it for an age, but a girl can only hold off for so long :)

Some close-ups. How cheery!

I might break it in this weekend when I become chef extraordinare and cook Lyn (who is coming home from a stint of work on the mainland) a Chocolate Pavlova with Salted Butterscoth Sauce. It was in the January Real Living magazine. Yum!
I got very excited at the supermarket yesterday buying ingredients and decided to treat myself to REAL vanilla extract. None of that crappy vanilla essence for this choccy pav. Who'd have thought $6.50 could make me so happy :)

It's a bad piccy, but trust me, it looks very naughty and therefore yummy.
I'll let you know how it goes :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pretty sky

I really enjoyed taking photos of the evening sky last week so when I saw a tinge of pink I ventured outside again last night for a few shots.

My thoughts today are with the Kiwi's who are experiencing the devastation of a horrible earthquake that occurred yesterday.
I love New Zealand and New Zealanders. Christchurch is a lovely place.
It was awful watching it all unfold on the tv yesterday.
When Lyn and I were there last (a couple of years ago now) we visited an aquarium just off the square where the terrible damaged Cathedral is. We saw the cutest little kiwi birds there as well. I have been wondering how all those animals are doing, not to mention the people.
I'm hoping everyone is okay.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Summer or winter?

Apparently it's why am I sitting here with the woodheater on?
Above is a pic of Mt Wellington behind cloud and a lovely rainbow this morning. Piccy taken from my backyard.

Here it is an hour or so later. You can't see it, but it actually has a decent smattering of snow!
Snow in summer, how about that?
My mum is up there bushwalking this morning, so I'll be interested to see what photos she takes.
Well, best get on with it. Have a lovely day, whatever you are up to and keep cool or warm, whatever the case may be!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday flowers - Angel Face

This is Angel Face, a beautiful mauve rose I have blooming in the backyard.
Mum and Dad have i in their garden and I knew I also wanted to plant it when I moved here.

So frilly and beautiful.
I hope you have a lovely Friday. I've got a busy weekend at work this weekend but am happy to be seeing Black Swan at the movies tonight. Have you got fun weekend plans?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lacy lights

I couldn't help it and treated myself to a little porcelain tea light holder the other day at the Market.
It was made by Sally Cassandra and was only $16. She had all sorts of other things but these stood out for me. Lace has been pressed into the surface of the porcelain and show beautiful patterns when lit from inside.

So then I thought I might make a couple of little friends for it.

I used an old recycled jar and glued pieces of paper doily to the outside. I wrapped a wire with old buttons threaded on it around the top to conceal a bit of the screw pattern. I didn't take into consideration that the overlapped pattern would show up more opaque so I might re-make it and cut straight edges to see if that looks better.

Isn't the pattern on the wall pretty?
I also made a little lace wrap for one of my tiny bottles and picked some iceberg roses from the garden.

Quite pretty me thinks!
Imagine the whole mantelpiece covered in pretty tea lights, all white, different patterns. That sounds nice :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

A lovely weekend for boating

We had a lovely long weekend here in southern Tasmania for Regatta Day. It was also the Australian Wooden Boat Festival here in Hobart.

Hundreds of wooden boats down around the waterfront along with displays, exhibitions, food and entertainment. Beautiful :)

Above: one of my favourites - very stylish!!

Seeing all the beautiful boats and people cruising around on the water really made me wish we could have participated with Touchwood, Lyn's vintage timber powerboat, but she is in the shed with her engine removed. *sigh*
Have a lovely week bloggies.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday flowers

Beautiful white lillies from my sister Rachael's garden.

Happy Friday bloggies. I hope you have a nice one.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vegie patch

Time for an update on vegie patch happenings. Above are my Golden Nugget pumpkins. They're rather cute and the plant is more of a bush than sprawling like a lot of pumpkins plants are.

A baby Butternut pumpkin.

The corn has been super slow and I doubt we'll get much off it this year. Note to self; plant more next year.

The tomatoes are very very slow to ripen as we haven't had much sunny weather. I seem to forget which variety these are.

These ones are looking nice - they're Black Russian. Yum!

One of my favourite apple varieties - Cox's Orange Pippin.

One of my other faves is Lady in the Snow. Lucky for me, my two trees pollinate each other.
I've just planted more carrots, rocket, lettuce, some beans and have yellow squash on their way.
What have you guys got growing?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sky gazing

I took these very simple images last night a little after 8pm.

I particularly like the power pole shot.
The sun was just setting and the light was lovely.

I hope you enjoy them :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday flowers

A big bunch of lovely Iceberg roses from my front yard. I'm displaying them in an old jar, now missing it's lid. Mum used it as a sugar jar for as long as I remember. I thought it was too nice to throw out.

You can see my white china birds in my lovely big glass dome as well as a couple of paperweights from my collection.

Here's to a lovely Friday and hopefully some sunny weather for the weekend (wishful thinking in Tassie?) so I can get out in the garden. What are your plans?
Needless to say, my thoughts are with those poor people who now have to rebuild after CycloneYasi.