Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First major project...

The loungeroom/dining was in a stinky, dirty, very dated state. We are talking torn carpet ( with the previously mentioned dog wee), ripped curtains, old wood heater, 80's downlights, sexy fan and diagonal wood panelling. Mmmmm...

First thing we did was rip up the carpet, hoping for some good timber floors but mostly to get that smell out of there!

We discovered why the room is so big, it was originally two rooms so the floorboards change direction half way through. We soon then discovered why the house had no fireplaces, they had been ripped out and what was left were two concrete hearths.

So, Lyndon jack-hammered out one and we will replace a fireplace over the other. We had to individually cut new floorboards as the old ones are all different widths.

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