Monday, April 12, 2010

Doggy days

It's looking all grey outside so I think I'll just hang around the house...
Up here on Mum's chair is a good spot...

I can even chew my ball up here if Mum doesn't catch me and tell me to stop...

Or maybe I'll sit here in Dad's chair and get toasty by the fire....

Dad, just sit down there and tell me how beautiful I am....

Have a good week everyone!


  1. How cute!! Love the photo of Molly in the chair by the fire. Hope you've had a lovely weekend Sarah x

  2. You have to put Molly on Desire to Inspire's Pets on Furniture spot...she is awesome and I don't like dogs much!!

  3. Definitely do that Pets on Furniture photo shoot. She'll be a star!

  4. So sweet - reminds me of my pooch (though Molly is about twice the size). Had to giggle when I read the bit about chewing her ball on the couch. My little puppy chewed a great big hole in the actual couch (two of them to be precise - couches that is). Luckily for me they weren't my couches - sorry Mum! He was just a puppy and the couches were on the way out anyway, still no excuse though thankfully he's grown out of that phase now!

  5. This is just so sweet and made me smile. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage.

  6. So spoilt = just as she deserves! xx

  7. it's such a worry isn't it - when a dog just can't get comfortable enough!! K.

  8. i love it! only my small dog gets to sit on the furniture...and the big dog does the same when no one is looking!
    xox alison

  9. So cute, I love the way dogs are people too! It is so grey here isn't it, quite miserable! Oh and good thinking re the necklaces I hadn't even thought of that : )


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