Thursday, March 22, 2012

Parisian needlecase

Despite my frustrated efforts to make a prototype Parisian Postcard pouch I eventually gave up (for the time being). Why is it so difficult to get a neutral 15cm long zipper in Hobart? Uggh!
So, I decided to make my mangled bits of fabric into a needlecase.
I stitched it all together, added a nice woolen felt inner and a very old button with a nice old brass shank.

Here is the interior, the image being the reverse side of the postcard.
You can see the original old 1905 postcard in the image.

I rather like it. I haven't given up on my pouch idea, but am thinking a might make a few of these guys for the Etsy store. Still a bit undecided. Opinions welcomed :)
ps thank you SO SO much for your lovely comments about Molly following her operation.
I have passed on all the hugs and pats to her. She is doing well, but has a tendency to want to lick her wounds and scratch all that shaved skin. I can't blame her . The other night she managed to pull out a couple of stitches so off to the vet we went. A bandage, plastic cone thingamy and a sedative later, she came home feeling very sorry for herself. That night was horrendous! No sleep for anyone, the sedative made her very restless. Not fun! Last night was much better and we are off to the vet this morning to have the wound dressed again.
Have a lovely day friends :)
I'll do a follow up post soon x


  1. poor Molly, she must be feeling so itchy. about that zipper, do you want me to look for one up here?

  2. The dreaded cone! I think they now have a donut that is more comfy...what a trial. Hope she is good soon, poor love.

  3. What a lovely idea. It is frustrating the lack of craft/sewing things in Hobart.
    Poor Molly, Claudia was terrible with her stitches when she was desexed. I think she did lose one. She kept jumping up and looking at her tummy as if something was stinging her!
    Hope that the wound heals up quickly!

  4. The ouch looks great Sarah and I am so glad to hear that Molly is recovering well, it is no fun at all for her, poor thing. xx

  5. So glad to hear Molly is doing ok. But it sounds like she still needs plenty of TLC, the poor blossom.

    Take care, Sarah.

  6. I guess itching is good, doesn't that mean the wound is healing. You needle case is lovely.

  7. It is divine, Sarah, you crafty minx. They'll sell like hotcakes, no worries! J x

  8. Love the needlecase - that fabric is wonderful - definitely add some to your shop but I think pursue the pouch idea too.

    A cone - poor Molly :( Those things are horrible, but necessary I guess x

  9. I love the fabric in the needle case, you should definitely make something to sell from it.
    Big hug for Molly x

  10. Wow, it looks so lovely! you are very clever!! Are you still after the zip? I could check for you next time I am in spotlight?
    Laura x

  11. I think your gorgeous fabric would look lovely made into anything Sarah. (I'll have a skirt please.)Don't get too frustrated. Good things will come! Amanda xx


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