Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday flowers...hyacinths

I know, hold onto your seats people, two posts in one week!
This is for Liz, a good friend who regularly checks my blog out and noted to me that I hadn't posted much lately.
Seeing as this image is a beautiful flower, it's for you all really. Thanks for dropping by, even when I'm being a truly hopeless blogger!

It has been so cold and dreary here in Hobart this week. Today looks like being clear, so that's good. I bought this pot of purple hyacinths last Friday from a local supermarket. I just couldn't walk past them. That big stem on the right snapped off overnight.
Don't you think this pic has a bit of a Scandinavian feel? I overexposed the image to capture the light and make it all feel nice and fresh. The funny pink basket is a Japanese paper Airvase. I like them a lot but never know what to do with them!
Well, time to jump in the shower and go off to the salt mines. Have a great Friday and a fun weekend. I'm working, but thems the breaks.


  1. Beautiful photo, beautiful flowers! :)

  2. I always enjoy popping in here even though we 'see' each other on IG. Gorgeous Hyacinths and I love that vase. Have a great weekend. It's supposed to be reasonably clear and sunny, fingers crossed! Mel x

  3. Lovely !! summer start today...but it is rainy and cold.......17 sad ((( Ria...x !

  4. What a charming corner of your house! Really Lovely!


  5. A lovely image Sarah. In the winter blogging doldrums here! x

  6. A beautiful hyacinth, stunning colour and love the air vase...I've never bought one though 'cos I don't really have anywhere to really show off its shape and beauty.

  7. I am heading off to Woolies tomorrow! J x


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