Monday, July 27, 2009

Things are happening!

We have had some wins at Molly's Maison over the last few days. YAY!
I am very excited to see my little peas are finally (only 7 days but I haven't been patient) emerging through the soil into daylight. Woohoo!
I'm not entirely sure why I find this so exciting.

Also, inside we are achieving a few things. We have cut the replacement skirting and picture rail which was not easy as every wall seemed out of square. They are being painted now and will be replaced for a final coat soon.
I finally have one window finished and have started n the next. So much sanding and scraping has been happening that I am having obsessive thoughts about it. Strange. I also feel a little bit like a dentist searching for plaque. Anyway...


  1. Hi Sarah,

    It is exciting to see little seeds growing! I love that you are putting in picture rails in your house, they are so useful (well especially for me as a renter!)

    I saw the Green Gate melamine plates and bowls (and paper ones too) at the kids shop on the corner of Murray and Macquarie Streets, I can't remember what it's called but it's in the sandstone building.

    I thought they were a little expensive but I think I might have to get a plate anyway!

  2. Hi Sar!

    The place is looking fantastic - can't wait to see it when I come down next. Checking your blog has become a nice part of my little wind-down routine at the end of the day - Steve laughs at me, because I'm always giving him updates on your cornices or additions to the garden! Kind of makes me feel like I'm there with you, so I love seeing what you've been up to. I've just become a follower on your blog - Bolshiegirl is my 'handle' - only just worked out how to do it, very technologically challenged!
    Z xx

  3. Wow Zete, I noticed a new follower but couldn't think who it could be. Thanks!!
    Glad you like looking at the blog.
    Hope to see you soon xxx


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