Monday, July 5, 2010


I recently posted a pic of Lyndon's 1960's Australian Seacraft timber power boat, Touchwood. One of the necessities of boat ownership (however small) is maintenance. Over the past few months Lyn has been busily taking the engine apart for a makeover and has been building her a new trailer. The last one had become very rusty and therefore rather dangerous.

Molly relaxing in the middle of the construction

part way though and missing lots of bits - a long way to go yet!

The very industrious 'master of the tools' Lyn decided to build a trailer from scratch which included learning how to weld. It's not quite finished but I thought I post some shots anyway.

testing out to see how the boat fits

the bare bones being smoothed out

Part of the process involved lifting the boat off the trailer (welding close to a timber boat - a big no-no!). This was a rather scary task but thankfully was successful. I was scared that the carport was going to give way!

hanging in mid air!

I'm looking forward to getting Touchwood in the water. Lyn's not sure it will happen this coming summer but I hope so. We have had such adventures out on the Derwent River. Lots of fun times cruising around and some scary times too eg breaking down out in the middle of the very wide river!! We've been towed by another boat, caught in super rough water (the sea breeze comes up so quickly!) and had friends scream along behind us on the ski-biscuit. SO much fun.

at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival


  1. That is a spectacular boat. That first photo with the red shadow over the water is so good! And I love the name. SO original. Can't believe someone can just decide to learn to weld and build something like that!

  2. Ooo I agree with Razmataz, that first photo is awesome ...
    but the pic of Molly relaxing in the middle of the construction - Awwww so cute :)
    I for one would like to be relaxing on this beautiful boat on the river, on a warm summers day !!!

  3. Oh how cool!!! The perfect vessel for hooning up the Derwent on a sunny day!

  4. I love your boat! That first photo is beautiful. How clever of Lyn to make the trailer. It must be so nice getting out on the water and heading out for little adventures. Hope you have a great start to your week x

  5. Hi there I have just stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts..look forward to reading more. I think i'm your newest follower. Love the boat and what a clever partner you have.Take care, Kym X

  6. great boat, and i hope you take Molly out on the water when you go, she'd love it. BTW we've had the jonquils flowering since end of April, i never dig them up...k.

  7. Great boat !!! and i think Molly love to go navigate...........happy summertime........enjoy !!!!! Ria...

  8. Perhaps you should frame that first shot? It does look quite effective with the red shimmer in the background. How nice to have a gorgeous boat and fun times on the river no doubt!

  9. Awesome boat. I love that first shot, beautiful.

  10. That is such a cute boat, and it looks like Lyn is doing an absolutely fantastic job on that trailer... we are boatless these days, but Hubby just started talking about it today.. they are a lot of fun!
    Flick :)

  11. That is the best looking speed boat every!!! I love it and I can't believe Lyndon is building the trailer from scratch, is there anything the two of you can't do??? I'm glad to see Molly the assitant was keeping an eye on things. Sooo Cute!

  12. LOVE that boat!
    Happy cruising!


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