Friday, November 12, 2010

Local discoveries

We went walking the other day and I discovered a lovely little spot only a few minutes walk from our home. It is Molly's new favourite place.

Sh just had to get in the rivulet to cool off. She looks tiny in the pic above, but in fact, that is one huge tree stump.

A lovely spot :)

We also wandered around a few streets I had not ventured down and found gorgeous old buildings.

Beautiful roses growing on rusty fences.

Old brick walls with shards of glass concreted in the top as a deterrent.

Wonder what's behind that old door?

There used to be a race course nearby here in the old days and we thought these may have been part of the stable area.

I had to stop every few minutes to smell all the amazing rose blooms. The roses are doing so well this year down our way. I have to admit, I love walking so I can get a close-up look at all the plants in people's gardens :)
Big yay for Friday! Feels like a long week but at least I have this weekend off to get some jobs done.
 Have a good one friends! xx


  1. I loved every single one of those photos Sarah. Good eye! I wanted to paint the door a brigher colour, and pick some of the roses to take home. That is one happy dog! Yes big yay for Friday. xx

  2. Ooooo that lovely cute......lovely post !! great weekend Ria...

  3. what a lovely roam, i got all nostalgic. you are on the Eastern side aren't you? i didn't know about old racecourses there. have a beaut weekend off, k.

  4. Sarah, it looks like you live in a beautiful part of the world. How wonderful to have all that just a few minutes from your door. xx

  5. Aren't you lucky to live near such loveliness. Great photos that brightened my day :)

  6. What lovely spots to have discovered so close to where you live. I can see why Molly likes her new walking spot - Asha would be in that water in an instant too :) I often drive down lovely streets and think to myself 'I must come back here for a walk' as it's easier to take in all the details when you're on foot. Have a fabulous weekend xx

  7. It looks gorgeous Sarah, I must visit one day soon. Have a wonderful weekend pottering... ;-)

  8. Hi Sarah,

    Love those roses. Just beautiful. Have a lovely weekend.


    PS. Thank you for all your encouraging words...I really appreciate them!

  9. What a beautiful wander, yes, i stop & smell roses & wonder how i can pick them legally!! Can't wait to have my own rose garden, i grew up with incredible ones my English grandfather planted (a professional gardener who would bring cuttings out to Australia, surely it's highly frowned upon now!!) Love Posie

  10. What a lovely walk. Mollie looks like she is having a great time. Those roses are adorable, I can almost smell them from here.

  11. oh how I love your Molly..she is gorgeous..and those roses are divine. It must be the year of the roses...mine are the best I have ever seen.....something to do with the weather I think ;) Have a great weekend Kym X

  12. Isnt it amazing what you find in your own backyard!

  13. Those pics are amazing! Looking so idyllic - wish that we had weather like that right its cold, moist, rainy, dark all at once...and it's only 1pm :/
    Have a great sunday, Sarah :)


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