Monday, August 10, 2009

Lots of new things

Lyndon and I went for a quick trip to Melbourne last Thursday and whilst we were away the last coat went on our 'new' 100 year old floor. It has taken a little adjusting to, but the results are good as you can see.
Lyn was a very creative person today and made our new tv cabinet. We had searched everywhere but couldn't find anything we thought suitable. I like the simplicity and the castors. We might limewash it but haven't decided.

One of the things I like about Melbourne is going to Ikea. I love love love Ikea. I bought a new set of couch covers, some lovely storage boxes ( in our new tv cabinet) and a gorgeous little glass light. I couldn't photograph it very well but it's so lovely! And only $16.95!! I love Ikea...

It's nice to be able to start enjoying our 'new' room.

Gardening update tomorrow hopefully :-)

PS We went to see Wicked! whilst in Melbourne and I thought it was absolutely amazing!! Not suprising as I am a big Wizard of Oz and musical fan. Do yourself a favour and see it - it has now gone to Sydney.

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