Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Marimekko design

We saw a program on Marimekko on SBS the other day and it got us thinking that this amazingly bright silk screened pattern might be nice as a piece of art for the lounge. The Unikko pattern was first designed in 1964 and has been popular ever since.


  1. Hi Sarah
    Thanks for your comments re our renovation. Yours looks to be progressing nicely. I hope to find some nice floors like yours underneath the chip board! Your WOW entry looks amazing. Oh to be so talented.

  2. If you can find a copy, check out the book 'Marimekko: Fabric, Fashion, Architecture' - it's amazing! I love Marimekko stuff - there's a shop I go to in Singapore that stocks some of their range, including a few bits of clothing and homewares.

  3. Oh I missed that it would have been a great program. I love Marimekko, I have a tray in the silver birch design and it's so lovely. A print in that fabric would look great on the wall, so bright and cheerful! By the way your house is looking great, it must be so exciting getting more things finished.

  4. Thanks so much for your lovely comments, they make my day!
    I just ordered some fabric so will be excitedly waiting for it to come in the post from New York!

  5. hi Sarah, i was sent here by Katrina, she thought we might have a bit in common, and i think we just might. I really like that marimekko design, i'll see if i can bead it. K.


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