Thursday, September 24, 2009

Garden update

Despite all the horrible wet weather ( yes, I know we need the rain) I have managed to get some gardening done. Having said that, there is still a tonne to do.

My lilac has flowers which I think is very exciting - I wasn't expecting that this year.

My vegie patch is starting to look like a proper vegie garden. The broad beans, rocket and peas are doing very well. The raspberries are flowering as well.

My new apricot is flowering and I can just see signs of movement on the apple trees. Out the front I am sill digging up the side bed but the maple is enjoying being in the ground after 7 years in a pot. Molly loves the yard and spends a lot of time sticky-beaking through the gap in the back fence. She has a real "community interest".

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  1. Your lilac has flowers already? and your raspberries are flowering so soon? I'll have to speak firmly to my garden, i've only got nectarine and plum, apple and strawberry flowers out already. Ahhh, but the asparagus is coming up and i've picked some already this week, i'll bet i've won there! K.


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