Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Storage - a mini project

It has been so long since I have posted anything remotely reno related. We've been in save mode so it has all had to go temporarily on hold. We hope to get back to it very soon and will start by completing the reno on my art/sewing/jewellery studio = my room!

On the weekend I busied myself with a mini-project - the storage. With 32 pigeon holes in my wall unit I have been trying to find a few storage solutions. I found these water hyacinth cubes at Officeworks that fit in the space really well. I wasn't keen on the natural colour so decided to spray them pale blue.

What do you think? I am happy with the results and am thinking of trying another colour - perhaps limey green?

For those of you who haven't seen, this is the wall unit that Lyndon and I built from scratch. Here is the beginnings of the process. Okay, so we didn't make the doors, they came from Bunnings, but we did everything else. Boy, that was challenging at times!

I'm not sure what to do about lighting. Above is a light I found at the tip-shop (sorry about bad pic) and funnily, I purchased it about a week or so before we bought the house. I thought I'd get it so we could buy a house to match! I just love the colour of the glass shade. Master of the tools (Lyn) rewired it and I think I might use it for the time being but I'm not sure I'll get enough light out of it. Maybe a couple of nice lamps will do the trick?
SO, any ideas what other colour might be nice for my storage? Do you like the limey-green idea? FYI the walls will be pale blue and white as well :)
ps. thanks for your birthday wishes for Rachael - she's read them all :)


  1. I'm so envious of your lovely storage unit and the blue basket looks beautiful..Rxx

  2. 32 pigeon holes!! That's amazing...I am in awe. Love the blue; how about a lovely pastel green as it looks like such a soft room.

  3. Love the blue colour;)
    Looks great in the storage unit and the lovely coloures on your flooring.
    Light blue and brown are so crispy together.
    Also love your photos from the botanical garden, they look great..

    Hope you are well.

  4. Wow, I can't believe that you guys made that storage unit! It looks like custom made cabinetry that you'd pay around 2k for!!!! Well done and the basket looks so nice in that blue!

  5. No way! I can't believe you guys made that. The storage unit is brilliant. Regarding your baskets, I liked that brown suggestion from Anja and the pastel green suggestion from Kerry. And the vintage light is nice too.

  6. lots of pale blues and maybe some mauves as well for your storage. the wall unit looks wonderful, can i borrow Lyn sometime??
    btw, i adore that light but you might need a good otto lamp as well...k.

  7. Hello! I just found your blog, and I love it.
    The storage unit is Impressive! Wow! And, I love the blue that you chose.

    I am having a group project (very simple) for Friday. Check it out if you think that you may be interested in posting one of your "Pretties".
    Just for fun..

    Have a wonderful day,

  8. That is a great wall unit!!!! The basket looks awesome!
    Happy Thursday

  9. That wall unit looks fantastic, so much storage!

  10. Hello again! For my Friday Pretties all you have to do is post a pretty picture on your blog on Friday, I do the rest.
    You are in!

  11. Well done with your wall of shelves! V impressed that you made them yourselves!

    The pale blue for the basket is lovely, not to be boring how about white with them or duck egg blue/green? :-)

  12. I love the color you painted the basket. The shelving unit is wonderful as well. I am impressed. Well done!

  13. Totally love the blue basket. I'm not so brave, I would probably stick to the blue, or perhaps white also. As you can imagine, not a whole lot of brave stuff in my house.
    You go girl!


  14. The storage unit is gorgeous - and I am so impressed that you guys built it yourselves..! Beautiful work.

    I love the blue basket and adding lime green would certainly make it very beachy in feel. It's your space, so you should do what makes your heart sing, because clearly, you have a good eye and a good sense of what you love, you know? I say, follow your gut. It's just a bit of spray paint after all, and it can be easily changed. (Orange has been all the rage lately, so if you wanted something with a bit of a punch and a bit more modern, that could be another route to go.)

    It looks wonderful - it really does.


  15. What a perfect fit those Officeworks baskets are!! Love the blue colour you used and the shelving looks fabulous. What a wonderful studio you are going to have when it's all done. As for a second colour, green would be nice and fresh or what about aqua? I really like your light fitting but I think good lighting in a study is really important so be sure to get some good desk lamps etc. Have a great end to your week xx

  16. Your wall unit is fabulous. I think several baskets in beach inspired colors would look beautiful.

  17. Hi Sarah, Just stumbled onto your blog via Kerry - love this wall unit! Nice work :)

  18. That pale blue is the most perfect colour ever. I would love to see it with a metallic...? Silver or Gold even. (I know!)
    Well done.


    Have a great week!


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