Thursday, May 13, 2010

You break it, you buy it

As you know, it's been a year since we bought Molly's Maison and almost a year since I began blogging. I was thinking how we tend to show the "before's" only when there's a fabulous "after" to show as well. I'm still not brave enough to show the bathroom - I reckon that'll happen when there's a new bathroom on it's merry way.
So, am I being realistic if I'm only showing the good bits? Does anyone really want to see the bad bits?
When I walk around the house I see all sorts of future projects waiting patiently for us. The external weatherboards are in reasonable condition but there are a few bits that will definitely need attention.
Here is one part...

Hmm, not a pretty sight. This hole at the end of one of our verandahs was helped along by Lyndon's DIY house inspection. We were checking whether there was much rot in the timber and whoops!! off it came.
 Ahem...nothing to see here...let's move on...
You see, buying Molly's Maison only took us a few days. I saw her on the net on a Monday night. We booked to view the next day. Talked about it that night (she already had an offer) and booked to look around again on the Wednesday night so Lyn could climb into the roof and have a closer look. Put in an offer on Thursday night and agreed to on Friday while I was conveniently at the pub with a group of girlfriends. Woo hoo, open the champagne!!
Anyway, we love it, even with the odd bit dropping off!
I'd better finish off with a pretty picture...
Our little girl this morning...

"Mamma, why are we outside in the cold taking silly photos of bits of the house? My bottom is freezing".


  1. poor Molly, she doesn't like having a cold bottom. go ahead, show us the bad bits.
    Too bad about the sore neck, whiplash needs a lot of therapy (speaking as a retired physio)...k.

  2. Molly is so cute! I just want to ruffle her shaggy fur! That's really good of you to share the 'bad bits' it's the reality of almost every house. I'm going to share my pink bathroom some day soon :)

  3. Molly is so cute !!!

    ........... i really like that dog !!!

    Hugs from Ria

  4. Funny title, suiting to the story.
    I know how you feel about showing the not so great stuff. I sometimes feel that I could never show a picture of my house and garden, then no one would take me seriously, and/or I might loose readers.
    In bits and pieces, I can make believe to the world that my garden is great.
    Yes, you are brave. But I enjoyed your post, and your writing. It's a story about a life that most of us live in. Dreams and plans. Some of them come true, others don't.
    I think you've inspired me to (maybe) put a picture of my house and garden on the blog. Just maybe.
    And yes, agree with previous speakers. The dog is cute.

    Best from Annelie

  5. that the blogging secret? I've shown way too many before photos and not enough afters ! But I like knowing the full story - renovating a house properly is such a slow progression. I know the photos I've taken in the past year of our renovations make me appreciate where we are today. And how quickly did you buy your house - obviously meant to be! xx

  6. I wish I had more before shots. I only really started taking pictures when I began blogging - so only two months ago. The only other's I really have are from the real estate brochure!
    Molly is sooo adorable. I just wanna giver her a big bear hug!

  7. I know exactly what you mean. I see some beautiful places and decorating and sometimes I am like.. no way am I showing this mess. : )

    smooches to Molly ~~~~ errrrrrrr sooo cute!!!!

  8. Great post Sarah...and that pooch of yours is delicious! I hear you about the befores, I love to read about them, but as a blogger I usually only show them when I have a much nicer 'after' as well. But I did post about my ugly pine ceilings this morning, with not an after in sight (well not my after anyway) so I'm getting braver! And I'm shocking with remembering to take before shots because I'm too impatient to get started! K xx

  9. Love the "before" photo and poor Molly looks like she needs a coat!

    A bientot,

    Leeann x

  10. Your house reminds me of the house I bought in Hobart years ago... It was a gorgeous little renovators delight in New Town. Only problem was I was 22, the house was cheap and falling down and I had no money to fix it or idea where to start. I sold it after a year and moved up here instead. i still wonder what I could have done to that place over time if I'd held onto it...

  11. Molly is adorable!! I like how you have shared these parts of your house with us - it is all a part of your lovely home - renovating takes time and this is all part of the fun of it :)

  12. I heart Molly!!! I know your home will be 100% perfect before you know it!

  13. 1 thing at a time right? My sister and her hubby are constantly working on projects all over their house. That is the main reason why newer houses are always on my list. I love the character of older homes but I just do not know how to fix things like that. I'm very impressed with people like you that can take something broken and fix it and make it beautiful!

  14. You are too gorgeous Molly, big kiss from me X Rachael

  15. Ohhhhhh, Molly is the cutest thing! Her sweet personality show through in every picture!

    Have fun with your renovations! There is a lot of satisfaction in all of the time and effort.

    Have a great, and hopefully warm, weekend!


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