Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I have lots of stuff

To say that I have been a bit overwhelmed at all the stuff I have had to unpack and sort in my art room would be a bit of an understatement. I have so much stuff! How on earth I ever fit it in my tiny apartment where we lived before Molly's Maison I'll never know.

So many books, piles of fabric, odds and ends.
I really am trying to get organised but you know when you go to tidy up you always end up with more of a mess before it starts looking ok again? I'm at that really messy, disorganised point in my re-organisation. *sigh*
But, the upside is that I have been rediscovering some really nice things...

Above are some very pretty old French beaded flowers and below is a length of stunning sparkly trim that I thought would be very "Collette Dinnigan" on a pretty dress someday. It has hundreds and hundreds of seed beads, sequins, pearls and paste gems. I love sparkly things :)

What more treasures might I discover?
Well, I'm off to watch the Block on tv. Why is it when I am so over renovating do I enjoy watching other people do it on tv? I really do feel their pain.
Have a good evening everyone xx


  1. I love when you discover things that have been hidden from years of hoarding! I so agree with it being overwhelming, but so worth it in the end.

    Thanks for your sweet comment Sarah.

  2. Oh yes, but half the joy is in rediscovering these treasures - and your art room is looking amazing!
    (PS I wonder if they'll show this series of The Block here. I used to be addicted to that show!)

  3. Oooo... I love that beaded trim! stunning and very Collette Dinnigan as you say. I know what you mean, I have soooo much stuff and I did a big tidy up of our study/home office the other day and when Will ventured into the room mid-sorting you could only see his face over the mountain of things :)
    You're lucky you get to watch The Block, I was watching it when the remote was stollen from me to watch the cycling in the ComGames *booooring* I used to work with Neale the judge so I like watching it even just to see what he has to say.
    Have a lovely evening Sarah,

  4. Stuff expands to fill the available space, but isn't it good to rediscover old treasures. k.

  5. I love that sparkly trim. And blast, I forgot the Block...bloody Commonwealth Games!

  6. Hahahahah!! you are so lovely person........happy evening Ria....

  7. It's much more fun watching other people paint for hours on end and get covered in dust than doing it yourself (although not quite as rewarding).

  8. Fun stuff!! Lots of hard work and love are going into that room. I can't wait to see when its finished.

  9. Bonjour from another hoarder. We are also addicted to renovation programmes and laugh about the fact that we renovate ours then spent hours watching other people renovate theirs.

    A tres bientot,

    Leeann x

  10. That beaded trim is seriously beautiful Sarah, you have some great gems hidden away! At least you are at the end of the renovation process for the room and not at the beginning! Haven't watched the block yet is it good? Oh and thank you so much for your lovely comments about my pictures, it means a lot because they are all straight out of the camera, I'm afraid I don't own photoshop let alone know how to use it!

  11. Ooh I love it when you rediscover your own treasures. Those flowers are beautiful, I would love to see how you will use them although sometimes it's just lovely to have sweet things like this to dream over they need never be turned into anything and you can still enjoy them, hope you and Molly have a great weekend, cheers katherine

  12. Love the beading on the trim : I agree it can be such fun sorting through boxes of odds and ends ... especially when there is fabric involved - lol -

    Enjoy the block ... (I love watching home renovation shows too ... you've gotta love the speed of a TV renovation or home build :)

  13. What pretty beaded trim! Your shelving is looking so good all filled up with your books and belongings. I know what you mean about organizing things creating even more chaos - you should see our study at the moment, the carpet is barely visible :)

  14. What marvellous finds. I love beading or anything with a bit of sparkle:). I hope you are enjoying The Block. It is so much easier to watch others renovate than to have to do it ourselves:)

  15. Dear Sarah, I´m in the same process now and everywhere there´s a mess... enjoy organizing and finding lost treasures, how nice!!!


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