Thursday, October 14, 2010

My new clematis

This is my lovely new clematis, Pink Champagne, that came home with me the other day when I popped into the hardware store. It's only a small plant so I've planted it at the base of an obelisk thingy with the Pierre de Ronsard rose. How pretty and I love it's name too!

ps. how weird is it that I accidentally published this post the other day and then deleted it but I just saw it in Fun & Vj's blogroll? So, here is it now, published. Confusing much?


  1. So pretty. It's petals remind me of a fairies dress.

  2. That's a gorgeous colour. Glad you posted...yesterday, today, tomorrow!!

  3. O wow what a beautifl feels so strange you go to summer.....and we to winter........happy day love Ria...hugs for sweet Molly......from my girls.......

  4. Beautiful, and the colour looks pink-mauve. I saw some gorgeous clematis at our nursery today and immediately thought of you, isn't blogging amazing that i should do that! k.

  5. How gorgeous. What stunning colours. I am sure it is going to look amazing when it grows:)

  6. What a stunning flower, I've never seen one of those before.


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