Friday, December 31, 2010

In the garden

Out in the garden some of the blooms are coming to an end so it's starting to look a bit patchy and messy.
Here are a few nice bits...


Lillies and larkspur



and geranium...
....and I also discovered a wild beast trying to camouflage herself amongst the plants...

We jokingly call her "velcro kid" as everything sticks to her labradoodly fur/hair combo.
She's a laugh a minute :)


  1. Your flowers are soooo gorgeous! Loving velcro kid he is just too adorable.
    Pam x

    Happy New Year!
    Pam x

  2. That last photo is so cute. I feel like planting flowers every time I see your lovely garden, Sarah. xx

  3. The velcro dog is adorable. Ours is velcro too but it doesn't show up as nicely as on the black. Your garden is looking stunning. We have 42 degrees and windy today so I think that will be the end of my hollyhocks and daisys. boo hoo. Happy New Year. Deb

  4. Velcro kid, how funny! Your flowers are beautiful, particularly the foxgloves - they look so perfect and such lovely colours..Rachaelxx

  5. Patchy and messy????
    To me everything looks dreamy and very colorful and wonderful. So refreshing to have a blogger friend on the other side of the world where not everything is white right now.
    I love Ms. Velcro, she is so adorable, and I have to say she looks a bit like she's been up to some mischief in that picture.

    Happy New Year to you!


  6. What pretties, Sarah! Gee, you must enjoy wandering around your garden. And Molly takes the cake! J x

  7. Tee hee! Molly is gorgeous! Who needs beautiful flowers when you have a walking garden? Happy New Year m'love xxx

  8. Your hydrangeas are such a stunning shade of pink! How beautiful to have those to enjoy. That photo of Molly is a crack-up!! :) Have a safe and happy New Years Sarah x

  9. the velcro kid made me laugh, she could never pretend she hadn't been somewhere naughty with that fur. Happy New Year and new decade to you my Tassie friend...k.

  10. Such gorgeous photos Sarah, your garden flowers look stunning. Molly as usual manages to bring a smile whenever you post a photo of her.
    Happy 2011. x

  11. Great photographs Sarah, your garden must look amazing with all those flowers! I hope you had a wonderful new years! Molly looks so sweet : )


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