Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oodles of Doodles

One of the best things about blogging is the lovely people (and furry people) I meet. Recently I have received emails from the "mothers" of a bunch of gorgeous labradoodles, wanting to share their cute dogs with me.
Stephanie from Queensland sent me pictures of her two labradoodles Amici and Marcello (above).

Above is the very cute and naughty Amici and below is gorgeous Marcello (and look at that gorgeous 'kennel' they live in).

Annette from NSW sent me photos of her labradoodle, called Molly!
Below is her looking a bit unimpressed after a visit to the poodle parlour :)

I was blown away by the next few images as the gorgeous 14 year old Molly looks so similar to our Molly. Annette told me she showed some photos of my Molly to her sons and they thought it was their Molly!

I'm convinced I have seen my Molly in a few years time.

Aren't they gorgeous?
Thanks to Stephanie and Annette for sharing their doggy pics with me.
And to finish off, a recent piccy of my beautiful bubby...



  1. I think these dogs are human! That's a beautiful shot of Molly and I can only agree about that kennel!

  2. Oh my goodness...too much cuteness in one post..I agree with Kerry...these dogs are like humans...Molly is just way too cute for words..I want a puppy now ;) x

  3. Oh, now they are delish! You know I'm a huge dog-lover, and as the mum of a labrador myself, I love these pics of his canine relations. My sister recently lost her beloved pooch (also called Molly, coincidentally), and is slowly but surely getting to the point where she is ready for a new baby. Can't wait! K xx

  4. Wow I think Labradoodles are just about the cutes thing I've ever seen!!

    xx Cristina

  5. Isn't blogging wonderful it is so nice to meet people who have the same interests and are so happy to share with you. Molly is adorable as are all these gorgeous Doodles. xx

  6. They have THE most loving eyes...they just melt your heart...not to mention THE cutest ears!! Makes me want to shout "whose a lovely are ...yes you are... yes you are" in baby voice of course, ha cheers Katherine

  7. Aren't people so nice. And how cool that Molly has a clone out there.xx

  8. Sarah, your dogs are just gorgeous. We are about to move to a new location and we're planning on adding our own special dog to the family :)

    Anyhow my dear I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS as you are the Vintage by Lou Lou blog winner for the paper bunting. If you can email me at with your address details would be perfect.

    Lou x

  9. They're wonderful pictures, how lovely of these people to send them to you! Rachaelxx

  10. They are so so cute, they all have such lovely looks on their faces : ) Id love a dog, or any pet for that matter, they are such great company.

  11. They are all sooo cute! A friend of mine has a golden doodle and he is the best dog.

  12. well , can I just say that Molly's picture at the top of your blog is sooo beautiful.. I just love opening the page to see that lovely gal :-)

  13. That's sp cute!! They all look so similar to Molly :)

  14. hunnynet@hotmail.comJune 6, 2011 at 4:29 PM

    After more than fourteen years of fun, mischief and unconditional love with no fuss, fanfare or warning my Molly slipped away from us during the night of June 1, 2011. She had spent the day in the garden supervising the construction of our new fence ensuring that every nail and bolt was positioned just right. Although she wasn't sick or injured her poor tired old body had just had enough and she didn't wake up in the morning. We will miss her more than I can say and my heart breaks every time I walk out onto her throne (our back porch)and she is not there getting under foot. Goodbye my dear old friend. xxx


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