Monday, August 8, 2011

Bush walk

Yesterday Mum, my sister, my niece and I took our dogs for a walk in the bush.

It was a fire trail in a local water catchment area.

It drizzled almost the entire time.

Great patterns wherever I looked.

Gus and Molly haven't always been very good friends but they behaved surprisingly well yesterday. Not one argument.

Look at this monster that emerged from the big puddle of water.

My little niece picking flowers. She enjoyed jumping in the puddles too.

Some sort of heath flower. I brought a bit home too.

Wherever there's a picture of Molly there's generally a stick as well.

I had to put this dirty, wet creature in my car and bring her home. Yuck. 

So long as Molly has fun, that's the main thing.
It's so grey and miserable outside it looks like a good day for some housework (hmmph) and some craftiness.
How about The Block last night? The girls just missed out. I really liked their kitchen with that fab big table. I love a big kitchen table. Gosh, Josh and Jenna improved their rooms from last week. A good effort. I'm wondering what the heck I'm going to watch when this has all finished?
Have a lovely week friends!


  1. Oh my goodness! Wet, muddy dogs....our poor pups had a rough trot over the weekend- we were quite reluctant to venture out. They did get a run around the uni oval on Saturday morning and that left them muddy enough!!!! It was definitely an inside jobs weekend!

  2. Love the tongue shot. Taking the dog for a walk is one of life's simple pleasures that is on my list of favourite things to do. They're always so grateful and smiley, just for you taking a walk with them.

  3. Me too. What will I watch after it is all finished. Your photos of the bush walk are great - it looks really cold down there. xx

  4. But they look so happy !

    I haven't been for a walk in the forest in ages. You're having me crave it now though! Nothing like it.

  5. Grace is sitting on my lap and when she saw Molly she said 'that's a very very nice doggy' :) Sounds like a nice walk. I liked the girls' kitchen last night too, flowed well with their living room.

  6. Lovely pics Sarah. Love those bush flowers. Brrr looks really freezing there.
    Pam x

  7. We have a big table in our kitchen...almost 3 is a joy to sit here and do my blogging the centre of our sweet your molly !! from your week !

  8. It looks like such a lovely walk, I can almost smell the air! And Miss Molly looks very happy. Rachaelx

  9. Keep warm! Love the flowers you found. Hope you have a wonderful week. xo

  10. Nature provides the most beautiful of anything....loving the pattern on the trees and those gorgeous flowers. We certainly don't get flowers like that up here xx


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