Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Production line + thank yous

There's been a bit of a production line happening here at Molly's Maison Crafting Central.
I've ordered lovely 100% recycled cards and envelopes to zuzsh up and some notebooks as well. I love waiting for parcels in the mail. I did also use the exercise to acquire a couple more Divine Twine spools and some more washi tape. All in the name of craftiness!

I also wanted to say a big thank you to the two lovely winners of my recentish giveaway who were very sweet and posted about their wins this week.

Kym form Kyandra
Please go and say hi to them.

Uuggh, how is this weather? If it's going to rain then I'd rather it did than have this persistent, damp drizzling caper going on for days.
I am just a bit over it! You lucky people in the northern hemisphere :)
Though I suppose it wont be too long until spring is here and then hopefully the warmer weather.
Oh and on another note, can I say, what's with this "let's make a remake of Dirty Dancing" caper?
Do these people not realise you cannot improve on perfection?
What are they thinking? If it aint broke, don't fix it I say!!
Do you agree? Ok, so I realise not ALL of you will be die hard DD fans like I am, but some of you must be!


  1. Hi Sarah, I agree they should leave DD as is! Lovely stationary too by the way. ;-)

  2. Just love your beautiful tags in top image- I love using those for gift tags but you've decorated them beautifully.
    I agree- DD needs to stay the way it was- we need to all lust after dear old Patrick and remember him at his best.:)

  3. We've had two days of sunshine here. Was lovely to be able to eat lunch outside today and watch Grace enjoy playing in the garden. I haven't complained about the cold and wet winter we've had this year as I know once summer hits, I'll be wishing it were cool again. I'm learning to love winter. What's this DD news? Didn't realise they were doing a remake. I love it how it is too :)

  4. So pretty!

    I totally agree with you on the DD.

    x x

  5. Really, they should never mess with DD. I am horrified.
    Thank you for thanking me for thanking you.
    Have a great day.

  6. HAND UP, HAND UP, HAND UP........on my all time fave movie list. WHAT is this about a remake? My goodness, it could never EVER live up to the original or I'll eat my words.

  7. You have been productive Sarah, your tags are so lovely and I agree DD was perfect as it was. xx

  8. Oh Sarah thank you so much for the mention but it is me that should be thanking you once again.. love your work and as for DD..they should leave it alone..Enjoy your weekend X

  9. Oh, Sarah, they keep on getting better and better. I am looking forward to sitting down to do some crafting with you when life on Planet Baby has calmed down a little. J x

  10. Love the gift tags Sarah, so pretty!
    Gill xx


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