Saturday, August 6, 2011

This weekend

It's cold, drizzly and therefore rather miserable down here in Hobart.
So, we've sat inside and had a cuddle.

Well, not me...Molly and Lyndon. Molly decided she was in need of a nurse and a cuddle, not quite realising she's about 25kg too heavy to be nursed.

Terrible pics I know :)

I did attempt to do Friday Flowers yesterday but it was raining when I took my pics and they were awful.

I just went out and took a few more - they're still awful! Oh well.
My daffodils are out but are getting ruined by the rain.
Above is my white daphne which has decided to flower for the first time this year. What an amazing scent.

My camellia is flowering like nuts! It's so pretty!
Well, I've been crafting away like a crazy woman but I'm about to brush my hair and go catch up with some lovely friends for afternoon tea. Looking forward to it.
In fact, I had better get a rush on!
Have you any exciting plans for the weekend? I hope you all have fun :)


  1. Those pictures are hilarious Sarah. I'm not sure who looks more surprised - Lyndon or Molly! Sorry about the drizzly rain - at least your garden is attempting to do the spring thing. Isn't the scent of Daphne just beautiful! Spending time with friends when it is miserable outside sounds like the best thing to be doing. Have fun! xx

  2. Oh, Sarah! I'm so pleased to see Lyndon for the first time ☺. Yes, it is a miserable day. Ooh, I want to plant some daphne now! Your camellias are gorgeous. Our first one at the front fence that I showed you has just started blooming. And your foxgloves are alongside the front path! Can't wait. Have a fab afternoon with your friends. J x

  3. Ilove the pics of Molly, she is a scream. Hope you have a lovely afternoon tea. xxx Katherine

  4. I hope that chair is up to the job! Cute photo. We had the sad miserable weather yesterday and this morning. I love that the happy bulbs are starting to pop up.

  5. That dog is a crack up. Wet and miserable here too but I'm quite enjoying it. My Daphne is blooming too but it's still only little. Have a piece of cake for me :)

  6. Molly's not the usual lap dog, but she is very cute and funny.
    All your flowers still look beautiful to me. We could do with a spell of rain here. Love a Camellia!

  7. we're about to get your day here tomorrow. sky is looking gloomy.
    Molly is so lovely, Queen Kong of the lapdog community.

  8. Yes the weather has turned here in Melbourne too, been raining most of the afternoon. Though the sun did break out and we got a beautiful rainbow. Your Camilla looks gorgeous so great that they flower in Winter. Love the pics. Gx

  9. That photo of Molly on Lyn's lap cracks me up!!! :) So funny!! Your camellia is really pretty - be sure to pick some blooms to bring inside and enjoy. Hope you enjoyed your afternoon tea - we just had Cooking Club here, an afternoon tea this time for something different - lots of delicious treats! x

  10. Oh Sarah, even your damp flowers look way better than anything in my garden! They are still very pretty! I finally got a white iceberg rose to flower, the first of my bare rooted ones I put in only a couple of months ago! Sadly it's surrounds aren't too pretty so we'll see if it looks good in a picture! Happy week! X

  11. Great photos! How funny is Molly with Lyndon :)
    Camellias are such a winter delight!

  12. That dog is one funny girl! I sometimes complain about my cat getting a bit heavy when he insists on a cuddle - never again!

  13. Your Molly girl is adorable...I have a human Molly!
    I always forget you are in your winter..going into Spring! Oh how I love spring flowers.

    Happy day to you. xoxo

  14. Wow Molly is a big girl to be a lap dog!
    Loved the photos!
    Gill xx


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