Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A day trip to Frecyinet

Hello friends, last weekend was a busy one as I played tour guide and showed my friend Neetha (who had come all the way from London) a bit of my beautiful home state.
Friday we popped out to Mona Museum, which is one of my favourite spots.
On Saturday we went to the Salamanca Markets and spent quite a bit of the day pottering about, despite the drizzle.
Then on Sunday we took the drive up the east coast to Coles Bay and the Freycinet National Park.
It's such a lovely spot. The road sign above really amused me - that is one very big kangaroo. Funnily enough though, a few years ago when Mum and I went up there for a drive a huge kangaroo did jump out and hit the side of the car - in broad daylight. It was terrifying! I'm pretty sure he was ok as he hopped away.

The lovely red lichen covered rocks of Coles Bay looking over towards the Hazards.

More rocks :)

This lovely wallaby was hanging around the car park in Freycinet. I was surprised to see the rather big, but still pretty hairless joey in her pouch.

The large granite boulders are amazing.

I tell you what, the walk up to the Wineglass Bay lookout made me realise I really am rather unfit. I must do something about that.
What a beautiful scene. It is called Wineglass Bay due to the shape, but also as it was a spot where the whaling ships last century would round up and slaughter whales. The water would apparently turn red, like a glass of red wine. It is much more beautiful now that the whales are safe :)
Have you visited Freycinet?


  1. That walk to Wineglass Bay is a bit of a killer isn't it? But so worth it for the view.
    I love the red lichen contrasted against the blue water, just stunning.
    I didn't know that story about the name! x

  2. It all looks so beautiful Sarah. We were planning on visiting Tassie this year for 3 weeks to have a good look around, unfortunately it isn't going to happen :-( I am rather disappointed but it is on my wishlist and we will definitely get there one day. xx

  3. Sounds like you have had a lovely few days Sarah, and it's so beautiful up there. I always love those orange rocks with the beautiful colour of the water.

  4. I'm happy the whales are safe now, what a horrible thing that was. You know, I used to have a boat and one day, just outside Portofino, I saw a family of whales, mother, father and baby. It was one of the strongest experience in my life. This huge, huge creatures that could have shoot me out to the sky with a hit and instead they were peacefully swimming beside me.
    I bet your friend had fun.

  5. You live in such a stunning part of the world! X

  6. Yes I have been to Freycinet. And these pics make me want to go back. It's a beautiful part of Australia

  7. I just had to come back, because yesterday evening I watched a documentary about Tasmania and thought of you!! I love wallabies! And wombats! Wombats are super cute!!

  8. What a stunning weekend Sarah. Such a lovely state you live in there :)

    Abbey x

  9. The story behind the name is so gruesome isn't it?
    I love Freycinet
    We're off to Bicheno tomorrow for a teeny break...can't wait

  10. Beautiful photos and reminders, we nearly bought a property up that way so i know it well.

  11. So gorgeous, Sarah! I want to visit Australia. Enjoy your weekend! xx

  12. What a hilarious kangaroo sign! We loved visiting that part of your gorgeous state when we were in Tasmania. The funny thing is, Paul still talks to this day how hilarious it was watching me so unfit making the climb, he laughs that even elderly people were passing me :) Stunning view from the top though. How precious to have seen that wallaby and its joey x


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