Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Furries

Don't you just love the look on her face?
I took this just after I got Molly into the bath the other day. She had been a bit grotty and rather on the nose so I thought with a guest coming to stay this weekend that a bath was in order.
What do you think she is saying?
"Oh Mum, I was just starting to smell good, why do you want to make me all clean again?"
I love those eyes.
Normally she is happy to get in the bath, but she wasn't in the mood the other day. How are your pets to bathe? A dream or nightmare?
Happy Friday to you all friends. I have the day off today which is great. A friend who I haven't seen in about 16 years is coming to stay for the weekend. We plan on doing a bit of sightseeing so hopefully I'll have some pics to show you next week.
Have a lovely one!


  1. Mum how could you :(
    I also had to wash little Charlie today, just bottom and tummy as it is cold. He tolerated it up to the point of washing his bottie hole with a washer, at that point he growled at me! giggle...

  2. I just love that look. Melts your heart.

  3. Portia would happily dunk herself in cold, muddy, smelly, puddles, but try to give her a lovely warm bath (in the bathtub) and her tail goes between her legs, she gives you the sad eyes and her legs go stiff and splay out in an attempt to make it impossible to get her in the bath!
    But it's so worth it when she is all fluffy and smells good and gets to go for a long walk x

  4. I pop Bruno into the shower these days. I find it's so much easier and I don't end up having half the bath over me! His face looks much like Molly's but after its all over, when he goes berserk running around everywhere to dry himself off, he is always so excited!

  5. That look is hilarious! Asha is not keen on getting washed either - we have to hold her by the collar while she's getting lathered up. Once we let go, she tears around doing laps of the backyard like a crazy dog :) Have fun catching up and sightseeing with your friend x

  6. Owwww poor Molly...happy weekend !!!

  7. Oh molly!! She sure looks like she's not very happy of taking a bath this time.But she has to get ready for your friend...sixteen years is a long time, you must be excited!!

  8. Have a great time with your friend!! Molly is just so cute... doesnt matter what she's doing. : )


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