Monday, September 17, 2012

Bits and bobs...vintage sewing

It's the start of a new week and I hope it's a good one for all of us. That also means that today is Bits and bobs day and this photo's theme is all about vintage sewing.
To be more specific, all these little bits came from an old, brown tupperware container that belonged to my dear Great Auntie Ila. She gave it to me a year or so before she passed away.
Ila was from the era of mend and make do, so she kept little buttons and bits that could have been used later on. Clothing was fixed, not replaced. Anyway, I love these bits and bobs.
We have an old thimble, threads, buttons, measuring tape, nappy pin, fasteners, a needle threader, fine thread for fixing stockings and some unusual needles (not sure of their use?).

* pop over and visit Penny from Paisley Summer who has posted a beautiful floral Bits and bobs!


  1. Ooooh I love this sort of stuff! I was lucky to receive a sewing kit that belonged to my husbands Aunty Mary's mother in law...phew, thats quite a mouthful! It's full of these kind of goodies, including the same type of needles and like you, I'm stumped as to what they're for.
    Hope you have a lovely week m'dear! x

  2. I especially love old cotton reels, the wooden ones, like you have here.
    I can't imagine mending stockings!
    I am about to post a garden bits and bobs x

  3. Great bits and bobs ! I can imagine them used long ago to create something beautiful .

  4. Love bits and bobs too. I have my great grandmother's button collection, which may look odd to anyone else but they are precious to me. I think it's nice to hold onto precious things. Hayley x

  5. Wow, Sarah, what a perfect collection. Sorry I kept looking all weekend, but wasn't inspired by anything! I'll try harder in anticipation of your next bits and bobs I promise.

  6. Oh I thought I had already commented? Maybe on IG
    Love this one - I have lots of similar little bits'n'peezes (my grandmas saying) too - they are very precious

  7. I always enjoy going through old sewing containers. For me, they can be the most fascinating finds for old treasures. As always love your bits and bobs.

  8. Just precious, Sarah. And gee, seeing that nappy pin brought back memories! J x

  9. Oh, I love the old wooden spools too. Kellie xx

  10. What lovely pieces to treasure - they remind me a lot of the bits I have here from my Nanna's sewing box :)


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