Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday flower... rosebud

Hello all, a simple Friday Flowers today.
We have had a lot of very gusty wind recently and thanks to an outdoor chair that blew into the garden and hit my David Austin Ambridge Rose, I found this small rosebud broken off. This was rather disappointing as this bud will never become a big, ruffly rose. *sigh*

Have a happy weekend friends, yay, no work for me!
I'll be back on Monday with a Bits and bobs and I'd love it if you joined in.
ps. By the way, if you missed my previous post on Wednesday about some lovely mail I received and my thoughts at starting a bit of a postal mail club, please pop here for a look. You might be interested. I'm gauging people's responses, but I think it's worth doing, even if only for a few of us to join in!


  1. Such a shame about the rosebud but it still is beautiful and so delicate.
    Have a lovely weekend

  2. I hate it when things don't reach their potential.

    That bud died too soon.

    I do love the idea of hand-addressed mail and gifts, but I don't have the spare time to devote to it. I'm keen to see what you all do though.

    Enjoy your weekend lovely lady!

  3. It is very pretty. A little gift for today.

  4. You're lucky to have rosebuds already, we don't even have rose leaves yet, or maybe just teeny ones. Happy weekend to you.

  5. i know its sad, but i do think rosebuds are beautiful.........have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the time off smooch lisa xx

  6. Oh the wind has been making us very grumpy. Our poor trees and plants. I'm so glad my tulips haven't expanded yet as they would be totally trashed!


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