Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday flowers

Thank goodness for Friday - it has been a bit of a manic week. My aim to post more regularly has gone out the window. Oh well.
There really is not much happening in the garden this week. The roses are just starting to come on again and the gladioli are on their way out, so maybe I'll get a garden Friday flower next week.

I am pleased to say it's been over a month now and my orchid is still alive! I am pretty green fingered, but my theory with orchids is to find just the right spot for them and then ignore them a little, but I am not sure with these fancy pants Phalaenopsis types. I think the right light and a water once a week is the go. So far so good.
Well, it's Australia Day tomorrow and that of course means a long weekend. Unfortunately for me I am working this weekend so I will be looking forward to Monday :)
Have a good one peeps!
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  1. Your orchid is beautiful. Most things in my garden have suffered with the heat and look worse for wear.
    Have a lovely weekend, even though working and enjoy Monday! x

  2. Hi there, you have a gorgeous orchid there! I'm a Hobart green thumb too and always had a little trouble with moth orchids, as they're also known. It took me a few years to figure out the conditions they like best in Hobart so here goes:
    Leave them inside in a bright spot (not direct sun) while they have flowers. Once the flowers drop off, leave the flower spike on (cut off once it starts going yellow and dying) and put the orchid outside in a sheltered/shady spot until roughly early March (when it starts cooling down here in Hobart). Water once a week (decent soak) o twice a week if the weather is hot.
    Once the weather starts cooling down, bring the orchid inside and keep it on a brightly lit and warm spot (out of direct sun but still very bright). Water once a week.
    In late Winter (late July onwards), feed with orchid food as part of the weekly water. Put the orchid back outside in early to mid November in a sheltered spot, only bringing back inside to enjoy flowers. Bring orchid back inside once Hobart weather starts to cool down in early Autumn, and so forth!
    Doing the above with my 2 moth orchids has ensured they get healthy growth in mid to late January and also flower very well in Spring. In the past, moth orchids I kept inside 100% of the time died! Moth orchids like bright and warm conditions but in saying this they do not like to be inside 100% of the time. If their roots are looking shriveled, they definitely need more watering. Hope this helps & enjoy your orchid!

    1. What fantastic advice, thank you so much Stella!

  3. Your flowers are always lovely Sarah. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog too. xx

  4. Lovely orchids. I always manage to kill mine, so you're doing a great job so far.

    Happy Australia Day!

  5. Beautiful flower...enjoy the

  6. I hope your working weekend is a happy one, and thanks for sharing your beautiful orchid. I had them in Sydney where we had a shady greenhouse, that worked but of course it was a whole lot warmer there.

  7. stop tickling me with the good mail club - I can't!
    How come you always have such nice flowers around you? I still have saturday to work and then I'll be ONE with the couch.

  8. Always love your friday flowers! Sorry i have been slack on the comments lately, i just don't know where the time goes xx

  9. Hi just found your lovely blog, lovely Orchard.


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