Monday, January 21, 2013

Good Mail valentines call out

It's Good Mail time again!
Who's up for a Valentines mail out? 
Valentines is not huge in Australia (or maybe just in my life?) - I think I may have received about 2 cards in my life! So, I thought it would be a bit of fun.
Same guidelines apply...

- open to Aus and international penpals.
- have fun, no stress, decorate an envelope any which way - draw, paint, stamp, stick!
- write a friendly note to your recipient - it doesn't matter if you don't know them.
- you might like to enclose something extra, a nice photo, a favourite recipe, a thoughtful quote, some pretty paper.
- when we receive them we can start sharing them on our blogs or instagram and the like.
- it's really important to keep everyone's identities private, so no passing on addresses or posting images showing surnames and addresses please :)
- if there's only a few of us I will send out all of our names to you, otherwise I will pick 6-8 out of a hat for each of us.

So, email me at sarah_b100(at) if you'd like to join in.
Sign up will close this Sunday night and I will try to email everyone next Monday.
Are you in?
Edit: this mail out has now closed but I will be back for an Easter mail out :)


  1. This sounds like fun Sarah, I'm in! Will email you tonight xx

  2. What a nice idea !!...lovely week

  3. The thought of getting valentine's cards is very enticing. Like you, I think I have maybe had 2! x

  4. Thanks, Sarah! Already emailed you, but I wanted to comment here as well. It sure was fun last time. I'm looking forward to good mail brightening my February!


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