Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Oh my goodness, today is the last day of my holidays. Back to the salt mines tomorrow. Not happy.
I must say I'm not sure I achieved much during my break - the weather has been too hot for much.

I love this tree above. I believe it is some type of grevillia. It grows in our neighbour's yard. The birds love it and I love the contrast it makes against the sky.

My tomatoes are growing pretty well. With all this heat I have been busy keeping the water up to them. Here I am relaxing with some bubbles and my new mauve volley shoes. Cute I think :)

There has been some crazy weather. Rainbows (always welcome) and awful bushfires (not welcome). I feel so awful for all of those people that lost homes, not to mention the poor animals that lost their lives. Despite being some distance from the fires, our cars we still dusted with ash.

Above: A very smoky sky

The above photo was taken on the evening of our hottest day where it reached almost 42 degrees Celsius. We went down to Lyn's parents for dinner. They live on the water. This shot shows the reflection of the bushfire sunset on the side of the boats. A bit eerie I think.

Well, as I said, it's back to the "salt mines" tomorrow (or at least the art gallery). We realise that working a full year, only to have a couple of weeks off is not enough, so will be saving hard so we can either do a road trip on the mainland or a quick trip on a plane sometime during this year. Something to aim for and look forward too.

Keep safe people.


  1. I can't believe how hot Tassie is at the moment. It must be a real shock to the system. Hope your return to work goes well at least there will be aircon! xx

  2. Beautiful summer photos! ! You've got me dreaming of those warm summer beach days. : )

  3. I hope the return to work tomorrow isn't quite as awful as you fear Sarah. Hopefully the holiday vibe will pervade all that you do for a little longer at least. Your weather has been so extreme and I've been thinking of all my Tasmanian blogging friends such a lot.
    Maybe your trip could be to Wellington? You know you'd have somewhere to stay at least! xx

  4. I thought of you when I heard the news. I'm glad you are safe. And yes all those poor people and those poor animals. I hope they could sense something terrible was going to happen and they could escape on time. How awful.

  5. The bush fires are horrifying...yesterday we experienced over 40 temps too. Stay safe, stay cool and enjoy your first day back at work.

    The last pic is so eerily beautiful.

  6. Hope work was not too bad. I'm already over it, so busy since Christmas.
    The bushfires are awful. I feel for anyone affected, although the sunset photo is gorgeous x


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