Monday, April 1, 2013

Bits and bobs... bunnies

Time for a bits and bobs post and I never realised how many bunnies I have in this house!
Aren't they cute? There's a couple I made, others friends have made, a mini lego bunny with carrots and a tiny chocolate bunny who actually survived being eaten.
I've never had a bunny as a pet. I would rather like one! I'm not sure what Molly would think. Lyn and joked yesterday about getting a bunny and calling him Stuart (Rabbit Stu). I'm not sure I could do that, the poor thing, but there would be no way I'd make any bunny into stew.

I hope you had a nice, peaceful Easter. We watched some movies, visited family, spent time in the garden sorting out the compost and doing some pruning. Still more gardening to do though :)
What did you get up to?


  1. What a gorgeous little collection :) There is something about bunnies. Sounds like you had the relaxing kind of Easter! Total opposite to what we're still yet to have in 4 weeks time! I'm only just beginning my Easter crafting and decorating :)

    Sophie xo

  2. Cute collection! It would be rather funny if you had a rabbit called Stu...but the poor thing might not know whether or not you planned on eating it! :-)

    Happy new week to you!
    Sarah xo

  3. Sweet rabbits!!...happy easterday love

  4. Cute bunnies!
    Too cold for gardening here so our Easter was spent visiting family, staying indoors and watching the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race on tv! How very British!
    Happy Easter to you Sarah!
    Gill xx

  5. What a gorgeous little collection of bunnies! Have a great week ahead x

  6. Some lovely little bunnies there. It's illegal to keep them up here I believe, too much of a pest.

    Easter - We pretty much just ate chocolate and renovated. Seems like that's all we ever do, come to think of it!

    Have a great week xx

  7. How did I miss this super cute wee photo!! They are so gorgeous, and as always, your composition is brilliant!

  8. Love this set Sarah! Is that a lego bunny in the top right corner?

    1. It's not lego brand Amanda, but it's the same but a much smaller version. Very fiddly!


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