Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter gardening capers

One of the few things flowering in our garden at the moment are the Japanese Windflowers, though they have been bashed around a bit by the wind.
We have been rather busy in the garden over Easter. Quite a few jobs were ticked off the list.
We sorted through and divied out compost around the garden, we trimmed the lollipop tree (my name - it's a New Zealand native that I cannot remember), re-potted plants, planted out my lemon tree that refuses to grow and swept like nobodies business. 

What have we been doing here you say? Someone decided that a pop-up spray watering thingamabob was in order and spent hours digging up the back lawn, only to discover that we do not have enough water pressure to run the darn thing. They didn't pop up properly and just gurgled. Major fail. Man of the house was not very happy, to say the least.
After another trip to the hardware store, he ripped up the system and dug a new, single route and attached a single 360 degree automatic pop up sprinkler that actually works! It even reaches my garden beds. Woohoo! Success.
In the next few weeks we want to top dress this area so the excavations won't matter :)
Have you been busy in the garden too? Doesn't it help you sleep soundly at night?


  1. It is too cold here in Holland...waiting for the spring to come.....love Ria....xxx...

  2. The Japanese Windflowers look really pretty! Never seen those before...

    Sorry to hear about your troubles in the garden..but glad it's all sorted now.

  3. You've certainly been busy! I love gardening, we've just put in our first Vegie patch, we haven't had one since we moved property 12 months ago. This place really feels like "ours" now that we've got little seedlings in the ground :-)

    Sarah x

    1. Vegie patches are exciting. Ours was dismal last year so I have been building it up so it does better this year :)

  4. I just love Japanese windflowers. I do love your flower photos, you take some really beautiful still life pics.
    Even though the garden is slipping toward Winter, I'm enjoying the crisp mornings, changing leaves, windflowers, dahlias and last roses.
    I did nothing over Easter but potter in the garden - planted daffodils and ranunculus, purple garlic and started snipping back fading blooms. Glad I put in so many dahlias because they're one of the few things still going strong. Do you have dahlias? Given I'm a local (West Hobart) I could put tubers some aside for you come Spring. We've got most shapes but I do tend to lean toward reds, purples and magenta! I think my favourites are Thelma Maude and Ivanetti.
    Hope you had a great Easter!

    1. Oh my goodness, I love dahlias! If you have any bits I'd love them and could maybe find something to exchange with you? I bought Thelma Maude a few years ago, but I don't think it ever grew.
      My garden is so bare at the moment (as you can see). The roses seem to have stopped floweringm but the bulbs are already starting to appear. I ordered some more ranuncs and anemone so that'll be nice come spring.
      You need to get this blog started so we can see your garden :)

  5. Oh those automatic watering systems cause us all sorts of headaches too - hope you get it all working for you
    I adore windflowers - have some pink and have just got the darker pink and some white - will have to wait a few years for a mass display I think!!

    1. Oh wow, I've not seen a dark pink windflower. I was given a white one, but I have no idea what happened to it!

  6. It is nice to find such a pretty little surprise! You will be so thankful for that sprinkler in the dry weather! X

  7. Hi Sarah, looks like you had a busy Easter in the garden. Great for the soul being out and about in the garden isn't it? I have been spending time planting more flowers in a few beds and they are beginning to pop through now. I even planted some sweet pea seeds rather than seedlings this time and they are growing already. It has started to cool down here so many more flowers will grow. So exciting! Your wildflowers are gorgeous, don't think I have seen them before. Pam x


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