Monday, April 8, 2013

Cheery yellow

Oh my goodness, I just realised it has almost been a week since my last post. How times flies! I'm not even sure where all those days went.
It has been a little grey here today so here are some cheery yellow roses. I bought these and the Easter daisies a  week or so ago, on Easter Saturday and they've brightened up the lounge room ever since.
I adore all roses but there is something about yellow ones. The lady I bought them off tells me they are called Eureka. Do you have a favourite colour?
I am currently trying to work out if I have any room in the garden for a couple more rose bushes. Over last weekend I planted agapanthus (thanks Jane), lobelia and pansy seedlings and some variegated anemone corms - so I will be looking forward to seeing those in Spring. In also ordered some more anemones along with pink and black (dark purple?) ranunculus. Exciting!
A busy week for me this week. We have a lot happening at work so I'm doing a 7 day stint. Think of pay day Sarah :)
I hope you are all well.


  1. I don't have any yellow roses...might have to remedy that soon! My faves are definitely pink - we really only have pink and white at the moment.
    I haven't planted any spring bulbs yet...will have to get on with that too!

  2. Oh these are gorgeous! We've got a yellow rose, it's called Gold Bunny and has THE most wonderful scent!

  3. Yellow and white is such a fresh combination. I used to have a lovely yellow David Austin rose, not great for picking but beautiful all the same x

  4. Enjoy the week darling...give a big hug to

  5. Oh that yellow is just gorgeous! I usually have white or pink, but if they don't look great I get yellow. When I do I find they lift the room with a cheery pop of colour and I wonder why they weren't my first choice! This year I have really warmed to yellow! X

  6. Your yellow roses are just glorious! I love that top photo with the white daisies and the pale blue sky behind...the picture looks like it should have graced the cover of a fifties chocolate box. I know what you mean when you ask where the days have gone, it's been several days since my last post (before today) too.

  7. You have been busy in your garden Sarah, and it will all look so gorgeous when it flowers. I'm sure you have room for a couple more roses - if I have room for 1000 dahlias in my tiny garden, you have room for more roses! I love anemones too, but never seem to have much luck when I plant them - I think I must get them upside down every time. Amanda xx

    P.S Love the new 'about me' and 'my art' pages! I am so far behind with my BYW reading etc...

  8. Love yellow roses, they remind me of my grandpa's glorious garden and all of his flourishing rose bushes :) Yellow ones symbolise friendship. I bought myself a bunch of roses last week too - a deep pink one that is not fully pink, just around the edges and then fades into the centre. Your garden sounds wonderful at the moment... I'm all set for an autumn vegetable garden planting (has been way too hot here lately to plant anything in this above 30 degree weather... where is autumn?) and would love to add some more colourful flowers and bulbs to brighten up bare patches amongst the rest of our garden... your ranunculi sound beautiful! Love those flowers :)


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