Thursday, October 22, 2009

A nice birthday

Today is 'people's day' at the Royal Hobart Show and it's also my birthday! It's so nice having the day off work and seeing as it was such a sunny warm day, Lyndon and I went to the show. Gosh, not much has changed in the years since we have last been.
I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the animals, especially the baby ones, like this super-cute jersey calf below. He and his buddies were all wearing little hessian jackets! I am not a fan of hessian, especially as a fashion statement, but they looked gorgeous!!
Dinner at Mum and Dad's tonight so that'll be nice.


  1. Hey buddy

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you've enjoyed your day and hope dinner is suitably yummy and festive.

    Lots of love
    Zete xxx

  2. How nice of the show organisers to put on People's Day just for you, Happy Birthday. Didn't it rain? it always rains on People's Day, or it used to when i was a kid. K.

  3. Thank you! I had a lovely day and shock horror, despite being people's day at the show, the weather was super sunny and warm!

  4. Happy birthday Sarah! I hope you had a lovely day, I love the baby animals at the show, not that I've been for so long, today would have been the perfect day for it! The sun was beautiful!

  5. Happy belated birthday Sarah! Hope you had a great day. I so fondly remember 'show day' as a child - it was THE big family outing. All the rides, the animals, the picnic lunch. I must take my girls one year. They'd love it too - I hope!

  6. Thanks Catherine and Amanda, I had a lovely day!


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