Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shades of blue

It seems like such a simple thing, choosing a paint colour for walls. But, let me tell you it's not easy. I know I want to do my studio room a super pale blue but am tearing my hair out with which 'sort' of blue I might like. I found some lovely blue shades in my magazines and chose a bunch of colour cards at the hardware store.
The wall in the magazine on the left is painted in Blue Glace and the swatch is sitting on the page. They look quite different. It looks almost white but when I stick it up on the wall it definitely looks blue. My other choice is a more duck-egg colour. I'll work it out eventually.

My other dilemma is the light. I just love the Ikea Maskros dandelion light but at a diameter of 80cms I would barely fit in the room with it! Darn, the search goes on...


  1. Re the blues, i think that they end up slightly darker on the wall than in the tiny swatch. Can you buy a small amount, a test amount, and paint it on a piece of gyprock?
    Nice light, but huge. We haven't got around to putting any light fittings into our house yet, after 5 years! whatever works i spose.

  2. I'm always drawn to duck egg blue too - especially the greyer end of the spectrum. I can't imagine I'd ever tire of it. Resene have some nice blues!

  3. Duck egg blue is definitely a beautiful colour and would be great for a creative room. Picking the right colour is so hard, when I painted my old room at my parents I ended up with a blue I loved but we used a half strength and that worked well. I think you need to paint big bits of cardboard and display them in the room for a while to see how it feels!


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