Friday, October 30, 2009

Vegie update

As Kaite from Yarngarden said the other day on her blog, "Vegie gowing is the new black". I like that. I love watching the vegies come on. My strawberries and raspberries are looking good too, now I just have to make some little sparkly things to scare the birds away as I'd really rather I get to eat the fruit - not the birds!

We are building a new patch as well so I'll be able to put in corn, pumpkin and potatoes. I have some pinkeyes to put in. Yum!!

Molly likes to sit and watch while I garden (when she's not busy woofing at the neighbour's cats).


  1. I've been hassling my husband for a while now for us to start up a vegie patch - nothing compares to fresh vegies. You have inspired me to get onto our garden...

  2. Hi Amanda, thanks for dropping by. Yes, definately get that patch going. I'm finding it thoroughly exciting, just wait until I can actually eat the produce!

  3. Your broad beans and peas look good enough to eat Sarah, and i think i can see lettuce peeking through the broad beans, the other side of. There's nothing like fresh broad beans, you can't buy them as tiny beans and cook them whole.
    I've tried using old Cds to scare the blackbirds off sometimes, and i have to constantly cover my mulch with flexible tree guard or the birds remove it for me. cheers, K.


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