Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On my desk

My workspace the other day.
I have been beavering away on a batch of necklaces.
Isn't it always the way, I set out to make a bunch of them to discover I have run out of wire. I'm now waiting for it to come from USA.
 At least I had enough to make a few.
Look at that lovely table cover - it's oilcloth from Beach Vintage.

Above are the almost finished pendants, not yet attached to the chain which is in a knotty mess from being hand-polished.

This is a one-off piece made from smaller optical lenses. I actually wasn't happy with the finish of this so I'm red-doing part of it. I'm a bit of a perfectionist at times and hate the thought that someone might purchase an item that is not perfect. I make more work for myself!

Thank you to those of you who have spread the word about the flood relief needed for the RSPCA Qld and the quilt making project Oz Comfort Quilts that I have posted about recently. There are so many other amazing projects out there raising money and goods for those affected by the floods. It's great!

Here's to a lovely Tuesday!


  1. and a lovely tuesday to you too sweet Sarah. k.

  2. I love your jewellery Sarah...it's the bomb. Are you going to put some in your etsy shop?

  3. Kerry, I'm not sure about Etsy-ing the jewellery as I don't think the gallery I supply would like it. Maybe if I make it a little different?
    ps thank you!

  4. Gorgeous necklaces Sarah! Thanks for highlighting the RSPCA's plight in QLD ,it doesnt seem right they miss out on funding.
    Have a great day!

  5. Loving your jewellery. You clever thing.
    Pam x

  6. what lovely jewelry!!!!!
    You do awesome work.

  7. Your jewellery is so unique Sarah and gorgeous. That oilcloth fabric is lovely too.

  8. Jewellery's fantastic! I bet it gives you lots of time to think while you're making them ... they're exquisite.

  9. Your jewellery is very cool. And good on your for publicising the plight of our local RSPCA. They definitely need support after all their equipment/surgeries were destroyed. xx

  10. They are beautiful pendants, I am always amazed and inspired by your work. Enjoy the rest of your week. Emma. xx

  11. Gorgeous necklace, big fan of French inspired things, so would definately wear something like this. G

  12. Such incredibly, unique pieces...
    I just love them!

  13. Hope everything is getting better with all the people affected by the floods... gosh, the planet is all around in trouble!!!!
    Such lovely pieces you make!!

  14. They're gorgeous Sarah, the chains are very dramatic with the pendants. Rachaelxx


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