Friday, January 7, 2011

Fun at the beach

Molly and I went down to Kingston dog beach the other day.

Needless to say, she had a lot of fun.

I'm not sure if you can see, but my jeans are soaking from the knees down.
Molly's stick kept sinking in the sea and at one point I turned around to see just her tail sticking out of the water - she was snorkeling with her head completely under the water, looking for her submerged stick. Being a good MOD (mother of dog - thanks to Kaite for that one) I rescued the stick for her, but got very wet.

I now have a new job on my to-do list this week, cleaning half of the beach out of my car.
Do you guys have a dog beach where you live?
Have a lovely Friday peeps.
Is supposed to be a hot one for us today. Does that mean summer is finally here?


  1. isn't she a trick, i'd love for us to have a doggie beach nearby. little Charlie used to search for sticks and special pebbles with his head under water as a young pup when we lived on a property with a big dam, it always amazed me. from one MOD to another, toodlepip, k.

  2. Molly looks like she is having the best time! Our dog Dash jumped into the pool for the first time ever the other day. I think he enjoyed it! Xx

  3. Yes in summer we go with the girls to the beach...with our shop car !! that is no problem....nice pictures !! love Ria....xxxx...

  4. Your world is beautiful!!! Lucky for us we live very near to the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.. there are no dog beaches nearby but we sometimes take our dogs out on the boat to a little island where they can swim and have a great time. Just about 5 more months till we can head out on the boat!!
    I love your photos.

  5. Oh you tease me!! We are in Canberra, 3 hours from beach in any direction. Sigh. When we lived in Darwin with our first German Shepherd, he loved the beach, chasing crabs & keeping an eye out for crocodiles. Tonnes of fun & yes, lots of sand, plus all the sand 4 children can muster too. Go the Dyson hand vacuum!! Love Posie

  6. Oh they're all fantastic, but the second shot with Molly looking straight into the camera all wet and bedraggled is my fave! I can't wait to get my family a dog.
    We long to go to the beach. The sunshine state does not stop raining. Not summer like at all. I put socks on last night as I was cold!

  7. Molly is so adorable, she looks like she has had the best time! We are no where near a beach unfortunately, but We took Boss with us when we went to the Central Coast and the dog beach there was fabulous. xx

  8. That second photo cracked me up... until I read your description of 'snorkelling Molly' :) Too funny!! Hope you enjoy the warmer weather - it's finally a bit cooler here today, actually on Wednesday we had a downpour which I was so happy about because our garden needed it. Enjoy the weekend x

  9. Fabulous photos of Molly - what a great life! x

  10. We live nowhere near a beach, so I'm very jealous. How adorable that she'll get in. Mine would probably be scared to death of the ocean if they ever saw it.

  11. Lovely Molly!!!
    dear Sarah, beautiful flowers in your garden and have loved the painted baskets and the ladder you painted.
    Wishing you and family much blessings and happiness each and every day of 2011.

  12. Hi Sarah,
    Well no, we don't have a dog beach near us but then we don't have a beach.
    We do have a doggy park which is actually an old golf course which has been taken over by the council. They keep the grass mowed but that's it so you can imagine how many wonderfully interesting places, including pond and ducks to chase, there are for our 4 legged friends.
    Sunny sends her love to Molly and wishes her a happy new year.
    Pamela xx

  13. Hi Sarah, happy new year :-) the pics of Molly at the beach :-) funny do they look when their curls get wet and it gives them those ridiculous skinny legs hahahahahaha ...we take ours to the doggie beach and they love it! ..I love looking at the kaleidoscope of weird and wonderful dogs in all their shapes and sizes that go past so funny,you get to see some strange and comical dogs , I love it ..we must go more often ! Steph x


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