Sunday, January 16, 2011

A message from Molly

Hello friends of Molly's Maison, it's Molly here!
 Mumma was telling me yesterday about the terrible floods and how she saw on the internet that the RSPCA in Fairfield, Queensland was devastated.
Luckily they managed to get all the animals to safety (even those pesky cats) but they will need a lot of help to get back to normal.
Mumma told me the RSPCA is exempt from disaster relief funds offered to other charities that assist human needs and so they need all the help they can get, so they can start taking care of all those animals again.

Mumma told me she sent off a donation to them and that might mean me going without my favourite bones for a few weeks. Ha! I don't think so!
I think Mumma should go without her glasses of wine for a while instead. I need my bones Mumma!

Here is the link where you can help if you are able.

Woof woof!!
ps didn't Mumma take a cute pic of me?

pics: the first one taken by sarah, the rest from the RSPCA Qld. website


  1. Yep! A great photo of Molly. Beats me why the RSPCA would be exempt from disaster relief funds.

    Love how you have highlighted the plight of the RSPCA.

    Pam x

  2. :D A very gorgeous photo of Miss Molly!! I just cannot believe that the RSPCA would be exempt from disaster relief...that is insane!! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am sure our girls will want to make a donation. Happy Sunday to Molly and to your Mumma ~ Txx

  3. That Molly's a dag! It's all very heartbreaking isn't it, especially animals who have no chance of doing anything for themselves. I'll make a donation on behalf of the slayer :)

  4. Little Miss Molly, you are tooooo cute! I was so sad to see your fellow fury friends in the floods, makes me so sad. And I didn't know about the RSPCA being exempt. I think Minky (our pesky cat) will now be going without his Fancy Feast for a week and switching to Whiskers so he can donate to the fury flood victims too.
    Thanks for the inspiration Molly and I hope this week is not too tough without your bone treats.

  5. I wasn't aware animal refuges were exempt from funds :( The pictures of animals devastated by floods are some of the saddest - I feel so sorry for the poor helpless animals. There was a photo in our paper here today of a kangaroo burnt in the bushfires - it made me so sad, I couldn't read the rest of the article :(

  6. Oh Molly, gorgeous woofs to you. Mumma tell Molly i did a post dedicated to the animals in the floods today. Love Posie

  7. Great to do this Molly for your mom !! .....i feel so sorry for all the poor people and animals their in your country.....they are all in my prayers........thanks Molly for doing this great !! love

  8. Molly thanks for telling us all about the Qld RSPCA, i'll pop a chewie off to them tomorrow, woops sorry i mean a cheque! kaite

  9. Hello Molly, Sunny here. Thank you for mentioning that the RSPCA doesn't get any funds. Mummy just told me she will make a donation.
    BTW, I'm a Queensland gal. Qld was was in drought when I left and I hadn't seen rain until I got here. Now they've had too much rain up north and other places and a lot of our friends have been separated from their families and need to be fed.
    Gosh, I would cry if I got separated from my family, wouldn't you?
    Love and kisses,

  10. Oh my goodness, I wouldn't have thought that the animal shelter would not receive funds. The good thing is animal lovers have such big hearts. What a sweetie Molly is/.

  11. Gosh! I've seen the terrible floods on the news. That's awful.
    Sad to hear about the animal shelter.

    Thank you for your kind comments.


  12. Molly has a heart of gold! I was also worried about Lone Pine Sanctuary with all the koalas, but they got everyone to a safe place and kind carers stayed with them 24/7. Seems ludicrous they do not get any funding??


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