Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fluffy scones and some carroty info

I made some super fluffy scones yesterday. It was the stickiest, messiest mix that required an egg and extended resting time before cooking. Sound odd? They are, but I have to say, they are the fluffiest, lightest scones I have ever made, or maybe ever tasted.

I was just about to take a pic of the scone (above) when someone couldn't resist and dived in!
Lyn and I also had them today, heated up in the microwave and they still tasted great!
Here's the link to the recipe, just in case you are interested...

For those of you who were intrigued by my carrots, here is the packet. I bought them at K&D Warehouse (only in Tassie) but the Johnsons seed company itself has a website where you can contact them for stockists. I have also seen other purple varieties sold by heirloom seed companies. I was going to sow more seeds today but it's rainy and miserable outside.
Speaking of, I have been stunned by footage of the floods in Queensland. I can't imagine the horror of it and it really does put things into perspective, doesn't it?
Keep safe xx


  1. I am a hopeless scone maker Sarah but yours look fabulous. I have been glued to the screen (both tv and laptop today) watching coverage of the floods. It's breathtakingly sad isn't it.

  2. LOVE those amazing dishes.... yummie blue... and yummie scones!

  3. Yum, your scones look great and the purple carrots are fabulous. Isn't that corn house a great idea! So pretty with the sunflowers. xx

  4. oh yummy.....i love scones with jam and cream or loads of butter if they are still hot....hope you had a great christmas and happy new year xx

  5. Thanks for the scone recipe Sarah. I never do very well with scones as I don't like the feel of flour on my hands so I usually put the mixture into a food processor which isn't the best way to make scones!
    Pamela xx

  6. i too have been stunned by the TV footage of the Qld flood crisis, we've been glued to ABC24, and can't imagine how something that horrible can keep happening day after day.

    Thnks for the carrot info, i'll keep an eye out for them tho i must admit i must be the worst carrot grower in the world. k.

  7. That looks yammie yammie....happy day love Ria....xxx....

  8. I'll have to try those scones.

    They've been showing footage of the flooding here in the states, and it's horrific. You're right, it does put things into perspective.

  9. I love scones and these look delish! also, I had those same plates - Italian Spode I think...we had small teacups and larger sized teacups in the set...absolutely loved them!

  10. I am most definitely a scone fiend so I'll be trying that! Rachaelxx

  11. Dying for some warm weather to start some gardening. Those scones look delish!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful week:)

  12. Thanks for the recipe Sarah, I love scones...will be making them this weekend.


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