Monday, May 21, 2012

Looking forward to spring

Taken almost a month ago. The roots have just started to grow.

I'm trying something new to me this year. I'm attempting to grow a hyacinth in a bulb vase. Have any of you had success with these?

Taken very recently. See how much the roots have grown?
I have had it in the cupboard under the sink for a quite a few weeks and the roots have started to grow. I also have a smaller vase in the fridge with a crocus bulb in it. I'm interested to see what happens.
Somehow I also managed to find a little bit of room outside for some more ixia bulbs and have planted a small bed of lemon and purple fringed tulips.
I already have so many of my spring bulbs starting to emerge. The poor things will get a shock when winter sets in.
Like me, do you feel sorry for flowers that bloom out of season?
ps was excited to see Downton Abbey back on the screen last night. Do you watch it?


  1. Oh I love these Sarah, I think Karen Wagner had some last year and I was tempted, looks like it is going so well. Your garden will look amazing in spring, I hope not all get confused and come out too soon!
    I watched downton last night too, it was good but the ads are so frustrating, I might wait for the DVD for the rest. Hope you have a great week x

  2. I haven't tried to grow a bulb in a vase, in fact I struggle with growing anything but I keep trying :-)
    I love Downton Abbey but I think I should've re watched the last episode from last year cause I spent the night trying to remember what happened xx

  3. Oh how I love hyacinths! yes I have had success some years ago with one of those kits you can get. Look forward to seeing the progress of yours. xxx Katherine

  4. no sorry, not tried that and i don't watch DA, i watched a rpt of Midsomer but i could knit to it so that was ok.

  5. My hyacinths have roots about an inch long but have only been in the vases 2 weeks. I love watching them grow! Simple pleasures!!
    I missed the first series of Downton but the promos for the new series look great and I'm wondering if I can catch up! x

  6. Look forward to some beautiful Friday flowers coming soon them :-)

  7. I haven't grown these before. I just ordered more bulbs today 80 red and yellow tulips and another 25 ranunculus! Can't wait for spring.


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