Monday, May 28, 2012

My new pooter!

Hip hip hooray! I have a new computer!
Lots of exclamation marks!!!! Can you tell I'm excited?
As I mentioned in my last post, I have never owned a computer so this is very exciting for me.
After talking to a lot of people and comparing what I could get for my limited budget I am now the proud owner of a very pretty pearl white Toshiba PC.
I know, not a Mac, but it would have cost me almost twice my budget to get the features I knew I wanted. It has a lovely big widescreen, lots of storage and RAM etc etc.
The white colour does seem to attract Molly hairs though!

Looksee, I took a rather dodgy pic with the webcam :)
I'm so pleased, it was a big purchase for me and I am sure it's going to make blogging life easier for me.
I have so much housework to do but I just want to play on my new toy!
Have a happy week friends.


  1. Having a new computer is always fun! I picked mine in boring black though - the pearl sounds lovely :) xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  2. OOOOHHHH that's wonderful!!

    ..and pearl white too! Very stylish Sarah. I was looking at the white mac a while back. It would've cost me more than double what I paid for my current one... yours looks lovely. Congrats!
    Happy "pooting"

  3. Woo hoo! Your blogging life will definitely be easier with a reliable computer. Yay! xx

  4. Oh play away Sarah!! I would love a white one mine is a boring black. Enjoy and happy blogging!
    Pam x

  5. Enjoy, just think of the hours you will be able to while away on that new maching. Molly looks just as happy about it as you!

  6. Fabulous! The housework can wait. Have fun!! x

  7. Enjoy your playing, and when you're at work Molly can play on it also!

  8. That is a nice toy !!..and yoy two look great !! from me...happy day....and a clean house is a house where the computer is broken you now that ??

  9. How exciting, I love new toys, and it will make blogging so much more enjoyable for you! Sounds perfect, and I love the pic of you and Molly!!

  10. Ooh Sarah ,,how wonderful, congrats on the new comp, loving the sound of a pearl white one ;)..You & Molly are adorable xxx have fun!

  11. Lucky you!! isn't it fun?? especially a laptop that can move around the house with you - wish mine was white though! ;-))

  12. House work can wait. I say go and play on your new toy to your hearts content Sarah. How exciting!

  13. Fabbo, Sarah. I know how long you've been waiting for this. Watch out world! J x

  14. I am dying to buy a new computer, but I must keep myself (and my money) because there are more important things to spend my money on. Thing far less fun or exciting but that I must do. Oh how I hate that word 'must'.
    Go play with your new toy! Did you give it a name?

    1. It's difficult, isn't it? I have been hanging out for this computer for years now. Talk about patience!
      No, I haven't named it yet, I may well fo though :)

  15. What a sweet new computer. You are gonna have some fun with that. Love to see you and molly ~ cute photo.

  16. Noice. LOVE the pic of you and Molly.. more a doggy pic than a dodgy pic (of her of course, not you!) Happy tapping. SQ x

  17. Oh yay!! I know how much and long it's been that you've wanted a new computer. The pearly white sounds lovely!! Don't worry about dog hairs - dark coloured laptops like ours show up every spot of dust so I think there's a downside whichever way you go. Have fun with your new toy xx


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