Monday, October 1, 2012

Bits and bobs... red

It's Bits and bobs time again and this time I have gone with the theme "red".
As much as I love blue, I also adore red, especially a good, clear cherry red. So, here are some of my red bits from around the house. My new red and still sharp scissors. I will not cut paper with them! A sewing machine needle case, lacking most of its needles, thread, a birdy Christmas decoration made by a friend, Lindt chocolate ball, a freesia from the garden, nailpolish ( I especially like red for my toes), pretty red apple sticky notes, washi tape and my gorgeous pre-loved Louis Vuitton vernis agenda (the colour is called 'pomme'). The glossy, almost sparkly surface is very pleasing to my eye.
Do you like red?


  1. I love these posts you do Sarah, my mum has those red handle sewing scissors, they r the best aren't they. And I don't think I've seen a red freesia before
    Have a great Monday my dear,

  2. Ooh, I saw this on IG - just the colour I needed to see a bit of today. It's dreary and cold up here and needs cheering up. xx

  3. Lovely Sarah! I agree; as much as I love blue also, sometimes red is great to add a some zing! x

  4. Oh lovely red details. Beautifully photographed! I like red but not always. :) But this time of year for sure. Have a great week ahead! xo

  5. I never imagined you liking red Sarah! :) Funny, I've had some crappy sewing scissors for a few years and every time my Mum or best friend have used them here, they've been like 'for goodness sake Amanda, get yourself a decent pair of sewing scissors!' So a few weeks back, there was 30% off scissors at Spotlight and I bought the same pair you have (Mundial brand?) They'll be definitely for material only :)

    I love your sewing case :) I don't have much in the way of red here... except for a cute red tea pot. There are a few cute red pieces in Grace's room though... x

  6. I adore this, Sarah. Every tiny bit. Beautifully curated. I am so *not* a red girl but you could almost turn me with this display! J x


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