Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My art practice - what have I been up to?

It seems like so long since I have posted about my art/craft practice. Maybe that's because it has been a while since I have created something. I have been feeling a little bit enthusiastic lately so thought I'd share a few bits with you.
After three attempts I finally finished my Paris zippered pouch! I just couldn't get the lining and zipper in neatly enough for my somewhat exacting standards. I was trying to create a little lip so the zipper wasn't very visible, but it was just impossible given I was also trying to sew in lining at the same time. So frustrating. So I did a bit of Googling, bought a metal zip and had another go. Success! I'm happy with it and think I might make a few more.

I have also been busily creating a bundle of jewellery - necklaces, pendants, bracelets and the brooches above (also showing the reverse side of the pouch ). I am loving the vintage brooch fitting on the right so much that at the moment I know I am unable to part with it. I'd like to get some fabricated from this design, but that's a whole other story.
The final thing that I have been working on for SUCH A LONG TIME is getting my fabric designs printed so I will be able to make them into lovely scarves. These will feature vintage images similar to above. It has not been an inexpensive exercise, but one I really wanted to do. Hopefully my samples will arrive soon, some lengths of chiffon and cotton and a sample wool/silk stole. Exciting.
I'm contemplating a redo of my Etsy store to stock these bits and pieces and perhaps doing a market, but I'm yet to decide.
I'd love to know your thoughts and get a little feedback on my designs (good or bad) :)

If you look closely you can see that ABC reporter Airlie Ward is wearing one of my necklaces! She has had it for a while now so it's nice to see that she still enjoys wearing it. This image was taken from the tv on 21 September. She has good taste, no?

ps I'm joining in on Jane's Post of the Month Club 


  1. She has great taste Sarah, how cool to see your jewelry on TV?
    I love your postcard purse, so cool!
    keep the craft posts coming!

  2. That's fantastic, seeing your wares on TV! Well done.

  3. oh she obviously has excellent taste!!
    the pouch is divine...I'd be lining up to buy this one!

  4. How exciting to see your lovely necklace being given exposure on TV!!

    LOVE your zippered purse - such a lovely image on the front. Definitely add some of these into you Etsy store!! x

  5. Good for you for not giving up! it does look lovely. Congratulations on the must be pure joy to see one of your creations on television . Have a great day!

  6. Hi Sarah..thank you for following, I am now your follower too! I hope to see more of your creations appear in these posts as time goes on.

  7. It all looks beautiful Sarah! You're so clever :) Definitely put them on etsy m'love. That way people who see your blog and want to purchase something, can have the option to buy straight away. Keep going....I'm super keen to see these scarves! Lots of love, Alisa x

  8. Absolutely beautiful Sarah, you are so clever! Airlie Ward has fabulous taste. xx

  9. Ooh how famous you are! your pendant on the news, Wow!!
    I love your Paris pouch, is that the one i sent you the zipper for? it was ages ago.

  10. How exciting to see your creation on TV! Can't wait to see your new fabric prints. If your little teaser is anything to go by they will be fabulous x

  11. How fabulous to see your necklace on tv Sarah! I hope you had a great weekend :)

    Abbey x

  12. I adore your creations! They are lovely! Happy week! X

  13. You're so creative, I wouldn't know where to start! The girls put your gorgeous pillowcases on their pillows yesterday, they absolutely love them and they make me smile! I can't believe your necklace was worn on the ABC, how thrilling! Could be the start of something BIG.. Rachael x

  14. Wow, you are famous! I love that pouch btw.

  15. You know how much I adore them all, Sarah. This is the start of something big, my friend! J x

  16. I love the pouch.

    How excited you must have been to see your necklace on the news!!



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